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I like games. I have owned a nes snes genesis n64 psone dreamcast ps2 cube xbo360 wii

I like sports games fps rpgs and all nintendo games that arent a series of minigames
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Yesterday I righted a wrong by buying Orange Box for the 360 from a friend for $15. He went and got it for PC because of the lack of team fortress play on the 360. I am still gonna by it for PC too whenever all my parts arrive and I throw them together but for now I finally get to experience HL2, Portal, and TF2.

HL2 is indded every bit as good as people say. the story telling is top notch and gameplay doesnt lag behind. Loading times happen at weird spots but I guess thats my punishment for playing the 360 version.

Portal is the best puzzle game Ive played in years. The experience is kind of short but every last second of it is mind teasingly enjoyable. I wish there was a co-op version. 4 portals, 2 people, and a Weighted Companion Cube would make for a heck of a lot of fun.

TF2 is great but unfortunatley its pretty dead. It kind of reminds me of the Metal Gear Solid Online days on the ps2 where only 40 people were online. My connection seems to be to weak to host so most of the time Im stuck pressing the join quick match button over and over again. The lack of user creations makes the 4 map choice even less desirable. Im sure this is a million times better on PC. If any of you still play send me a friend request. GT= jwhit28

The Orange box is without a doubt the best deal in gaming and even though Ill be buying it again in a few weeks, $15 was just too low to pass up. I wish online had the staying power of a game like CoD4 but besides that this is a flawless package. (which Im sure many of you know because its been out forever)

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