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jdub28 avatar 10:35 AM on 07.14.2008  (server time)
EA has done it again...

Some how I thought this year would be different, why was I so foolish. It seemed like EA had listened to every request the fans have made about NCAA Football 09, me and my friends have been playing dynasties together for years now, and this was the year EA gave us on-line dynasties. We spend a week every year naming every player on the 100+ teams, well EA finally let us share rosters online. Correct stats for simulation, better pass rushing, less cheesy play online, all of it was promised.

You know what, they delivered, on all of these ideas. Just one problem, the game freezes before you have any time to enjoy it. Editing the roster is impossible. even backing up save after save on 2 separate usb sticks wont stop the game from freezing on random players, and having to start all over again. Dynasty ending corrupt saves, missing teams and players that are really in the game, teams ratings dropped to 0 (which is impossible even when creating teams!!!)

For those that think it is just more EA bashing, watch this

Me and my friends cant just use these new features, we can't even do what we have done in years past!!!! What has become just as much a part of July for us as Independence Day, probably wont happen until August, and what happens to people that arent online and cant download a patch?

Im sure Tiburon tries as hard as they can to make this game as great as we all want it to be. I feel bad they dont have the time and resources to fix these problems, but ea publishing can suck a fat one. All the stuff they talk about making changes and this happens.

Sure this is just another sucky football game to most of you but for me and my friends that I played football with from elementary all the way through High School, this was the way we were gonna get our football fix in even though we went to different colleges, and without cumbersome trade swaps through emails.

God I hate EA

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