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jdub28 avatar 5:31 PM on 05.16.2008  (server time)
Biggest WTF Moment in Years... (NVGR)

My cousin turned 6 a couple of days ago. His favorite cartoon the last couple of years has been Camp Lazlo.

The cartoon is created by Joe Murray (the creator of Rocko's Modern Life, but it doesnt have the same hidden jokes and stuff that made Rocko so great) and is about a group of animal kids in summer camp. The scout master, Lumpus, is an egomaniac, whos plans are always thwarted by the campers.

Anyway I told my cousin that the last episode was coming on soon and he wasnt very sad about it. For his birthday I gave him just about the whole series on DVD. He was just happy that he could watch it whenever he wanted to.

As we were watching the last episode things just started getting weird. The cartoon started with Lumpus refusing to do laundry. Instead of wearing clothes he just painted them on. He slowly convinced all the campers to throw away their clothes and just use paint.(?) The cartoon made it look like they started a nudist colony.

If this isnt weird enough the final moments of the cartoon show that Lumpus was never the counselor after all. He is a crazed madman that kidnapped the real counselor and locked him in a closet the whole summer (series). Lumpus is wrapped in a stray jacket and taken back to jail.

My cousin didnt know what to say. The guy thats been there the whole series ends up being a crazed escaped kidnapper with pedophile innuendo.(!?!) My aunt says he hasnt watched the DVDs or the show since.

The real camp counselor is an awsome easter egg though

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