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I have been playing Max Payne 3 this weekend and have had a very fun and entertaining experience with it. One thing that I have notice about this game is the gameplay mechanics allow for some very cool unscripted moments to happen. This is not to say that Max Payne is a highly nonlinear unscripted game because in reality it is very much so. With the straight forward progression path allowing you to never get lost as well as being pushed forward by the many cutscenes. On the other hand there is always a number of cool and different ways to neutralize (obliterate) the enemies in your path. I am currently on my second play through and besides the few parts in the game where the player is thrown into an action sequence giving the player control in a bullet time kill frenzy moment, the game has allowed me to play it the way I want. One of the super cool unscripted moments that I have experienced was in Chapter 6 when I dove through a shot up office partition blasting enemies. I landed on the desk after the dive and lied there on the desk spinning around shooting guys all around me while office supplies and debris flew everywhere. It was one of the coolest moments I have experienced in an action game that was totally unexpected and happened just because I for some reason chose to dive through that half destroyed partition. I am interested to hear everyone's cool unscripted moments from Max Payne 3 so please comment or post on my blog.

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