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1:03 PM on 07.04.2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2 and My Secret Love Affair

Now before you read what I have to say about FF13-2 it may be important to note that I am a huge final fantasy fan and have been ever since I first played FF7 back in the day.

With that being said I was very unimpressed with FF13 in the same way that most people were. The main issue being how the first 25 hours of the game was walking straight then battle, battle, walking straight, battle, cut scene, repeat. When I first heard the announcement for FF13-2 I was almost certain I would not be playing this installment of the franchise.

Two nights ago I finally decided to cave and picked up a copy of FF13-2. To my surprise I have been enjoying FF13-2 immensely. It is everything that I wanted FF13 to be. The implementation of exploration is the biggest improvement from FF13 to FF13-2. All I ever wanted to do was explore beautiful environments while listening to enchanting music which FF13-2 delivers exceptionally. FF13-2 achieves this by implementing the ability for the player to control their own progression in the many environments of the game. Unlike in 13 where the player had no choice but to grind or progress the story, in 13-2 you can do either of those while still having the opportunity to find hidden paths and explore alternative routes which lead to different monsters or areas that are only explorable at certain times. There are many Easter eggs as well as rewards for the player which motivates them to explore till their hearts content. I also love the addition of a jump function which adds to depth of exploration and is the first time it has been used in a Final Fantasy game. Also who in the world doesn't enjoy throwing Mog? The only down side to Final Fantasy 13-2 is a lot of the story falls flat but I am willing to look past it because everything else in the game is so good.

So obviously I was surprised by how much I love Final Fantasy 13-2.
My question now is am I alone in this belief?
Am I being blinded by the graphics and the soundtrack?

I am interested to hear everyone's thoughts so please comment below.

Also what is your top 5 Final Fantasy games?
Mine are FF7, FF9, FF6, FF10, and that's right it made my list, FF13-2 in the fifth spot.   read

12:43 PM on 05.22.2012

Max Payne 3 and Awesome Unscripted Moments

I have been playing Max Payne 3 this weekend and have had a very fun and entertaining experience with it. One thing that I have notice about this game is the gameplay mechanics allow for some very cool unscripted moments to happen. This is not to say that Max Payne is a highly nonlinear unscripted game because in reality it is very much so. With the straight forward progression path allowing you to never get lost as well as being pushed forward by the many cutscenes. On the other hand there is always a number of cool and different ways to neutralize (obliterate) the enemies in your path. I am currently on my second play through and besides the few parts in the game where the player is thrown into an action sequence giving the player control in a bullet time kill frenzy moment, the game has allowed me to play it the way I want. One of the super cool unscripted moments that I have experienced was in Chapter 6 when I dove through a shot up office partition blasting enemies. I landed on the desk after the dive and lied there on the desk spinning around shooting guys all around me while office supplies and debris flew everywhere. It was one of the coolest moments I have experienced in an action game that was totally unexpected and happened just because I for some reason chose to dive through that half destroyed partition. I am interested to hear everyone's cool unscripted moments from Max Payne 3 so please comment or post on my blog.

Jordan Brocato

Roll number 1806

P.S. this is my first blog post ever   read

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