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jbcrazy305 avatar 6:53 PM on 04.19.2013
Random Thought: Nintendo Mobile

Nintendo should get into mobile gaming development and create some smaller casual games. Nintendo Mobile sounds nice. I am sure they can come up with better mobile games then half the stuff in the market.

They would sell like hot cakes...wait no...what the hell is a hot cake?...Um...they would sell like a cure to herpes...yeahhh like that.

Mario's Coin Jump, Link's Cucco Escape, a new Pokemon Pinball...hell Anything Pinball...Kirby's Flight...just continuous addictive games with hopefully no in app purchases...price em fairly and BAM!

Too bad they will never go that route. If those type of games are even made they will head to the eShop or on something Nintendoland-ish.

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