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The older I get, the more I work, the more tired I get and the more I end up sleeping most of my free time away. Especially since I work overnights so my sleeping hours are pretty effed up. When my days off finally do roll around the last thing I want to be doing is be home playing games, I rather be out of my house having a life...or trying to have a life.

The most I use my consoles for now is movies or shows. While I am at work all I really want is to be at home relaxing and finishing one of those many games I have collecting dust in my library or just taking up memory in my PS3 (God bless Playstation Plus and it's free games I never even play after I download) but when I get home I just end up watching some old T.V. shows on Netflix and falling asleep.

I seem to play games less and less unless it's Mario or Zelda title. I will buy a game and play it for like an hour to a a few minutes over a couple of days and that's it...Usually because I will suck at the game. I wont even bother learning the games mechanics and controls and what not because I know I wont have time to get into or enjoy the game given my life now. Work, sleep, stress, bills, work, sleep, stress, bills....and so on.

Only thing that keeps me in there is portable games. I play those the most. I have a 3DS I take to work and play on my downtime. Also recently purchased a GBA SP and have been buying many great titles I missed out on during my broke years of high school. Even with that though I have my moments where I wont play anything for weeks.

It kind of worries me that I might be growing out of gaming...I do not want to...I love that bitch.

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