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jazzpanda's blog

8:09 PM on 10.15.2011

Online passes may hurt developers, nobody seems to realise.

So, the online pass system being employed to combat used game sales is the big controversial issue right now. Only, there's an aspect to this issue that i am yet to read ANYWHERE.. A simple concept that i believe means many d...   read

7:42 PM on 03.23.2010

Metro 2033, a sonnet to Anthony Burch

Hey, i was writing this as an email to Anthony but it kinda grew into a blog post so i'm posting it here. FYI i'm playing the 360 version. (To Anthony) I'm a huge fan and have very similar opinions and taste in games. I'm a...   read

2:50 AM on 03.07.2010

Tomb Raider should take hints from Uncharted? MGS?... howbout Endless Ocean?!

Commenters are saying Tomb raider should learn from Uncharted, MGS etc. Yes it should because they are great games. Howabout this for a new inspiration though.. Endless Ocean.. Imagine this.. As Lara, you drive your boat to ...   read

4:44 PM on 02.21.2010

Why 'Clones' and 'Rip-offs' are the best things ever.

Matt Razak just posted this article about a God of War director taking interest in Dante's inferno - a blatant 'rip-off' game. Some of the comments irked me and i just really need to put these thoughts into words.. The feeli...   read

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