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4:27 PM on 08.21.2012

Why Dragon Age 3 Needs Co-Op Multiplayer

Here we are waiting for more info on the 3rd game to emerge. Bioware seems pretty consious about fan feedback this time around. I've seen enough questions and polls to let me know that they really seem to want to nail this one. Now I'm not going to get into my opinions on what worked and what didn't on the first 2 games, thats not what this particular article is about.

I'm still pretty young (in my early thirties) and I've spent a considerable amount of hours playing video games in my life. Usually of the more hardcore RPG flavor. Most of which don't really focus on multiplayer (excluding MMO's). So really, it's me, alone, enjoying an experience. Which I haven't minded... But here I am, 3 years into marriage and somehow I snatched up a girl that loves to play video games, and not just bejewled (she does play the hell out of that one), she loves the more in depth video game experiences like Dragon Age and Mass Effect. It was quite funny actually, I don't think she had ever really played a deep game like Dragon Age Origins before.

I wasn't quite sure about the game at first, so I rented it a dying Blockbuster and took it home and created my character, I was immediatly hooked. Cinematic storytelling with deep rpg customization. My wife loves fantasy so I gaver her the ps3 controller and had her create a character to see what she thought. I think she ended up playing 5 or so hours that night. She was hooked like I was.

Here's where it gets a little frustrating. We'd come home from work at night and take turns. I'd play 4 hours and then she'd play 4 hours. This is what you have to do when you only have one ps3 folks. And we did that for days. I was working 2 jobs in those days, so she had more time to play and ended up passing me by in the games progression. Thats where it got annoying. I spent all her game time on the computer with my headphones on so I couldn't hear what she was playing. I hate spoilers. I wanted to experience the story with my own created character.

So here we are, husband and wife. We love hanging out together. And here we are playing a game that seems like it could be possible to play together. You have these companion characters that have the same depth of customization as your main character. Would it be that hard to allow another person, or even 4 other people play together. I'm not talking about developing a MMO or anything. But hey, if my wife and I could each create a character and each of us control a companion character we could experience the story together. I think it would be one of the greatest video game experiences. My wife and I wait to watch certian tv episodes together. Why can't I wait for my wife to get home from work to play the next phase of the game together.

Now I know there are games out there that you can do that with. All kinds of MMO's out there. All of which seem to be poor at telling a cohesive self contained story. I guess I just want a Bioware quality game I can play with my wife. What if we could play Mass Effect together. We would shit our pants and after we cross an epic point in the game we would pause it and have crazy sex. Hell, maybe we would role play with are characters and instead of having sex in the game we would have sex for real :D

Anyways. I've comments on this issue, and there are folks that hate this idea. Strange. Why couldn't this just be an option in the game to play alone or with a friend. I'm sure the creative folks over at Bioware could figure this thing out. I'm just tired of taking turns, and ignoring eachother while we do (flippin spoilers). I just want to hang out with my wife and enjoy an immersive RPG experience with great storytelling.   read

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