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12:56 PM on 01.14.2011

Respect the 'Toid

Just wanted to pop in quickly and offer much love to Destructoid for not featuring a single, solitary, unnecessary article about the fucking Arizona shooter's gaming habits. Fuck's sake. Really drives that recent Jimquisition home.

Holy shit! A 20-something male played multiplayer video games with other people? You don't say. Oh and he turned out to be a deranged, murderous fuck? Fascinating.

Well please, don't keep us dangling on a thread, tell me, what was this dude like when he played Earth Empires (an online military strategy game, that allows gamers to team up in larger alliances. These alliances also have their own private forums, forums where the deranged fuck seems to post most often under names like Heroin and XTC.).

"Jared Loughner was his name," one forum poster wrote. "He played under the names 'Dare,' 'heroin' and 'cry'. I cant fluffing believe this.. i knew the guy was nuts. but omg.. i cant stand that i know him."

Another called Loughner a "sick, sick mind." A third said that Loughner started "spewing all kinds of fluff about the government, taking lots of drugs and posting a lot of racist remarks and fluff" a couple of years ago in a related forum.

I just went over to read about some Mario or some such, but instead I got hard hitting game journalism at its finest.

...VIDEO GAMES.   read

1:51 PM on 12.02.2010

Gran Turismo 5 | Standard vs Premium | Round 1 | FIGHT!

This topic seems to breed endless discussion and a fair heap of confusion as well. I picked up the game on day one and raced most of the day with my family and didn't realize until a day or two later that I had yet to race with one of the "standard" cars. So here I was spouting comments about there being little discernible difference between the two classes and even going so far as to "straight up lie about shit" (thank you, TruckerSean) stating that standard cars did indeed have cockpit views.

It wasn't until later when I imported my GT PSP collection that I actually raced with a standard car and could compare the two classes.

So there IS some discernible difference. My only quibble would be lack of cockpit view, but graphically I would say the standard cars look great... just not AS great. If I popped GT4 in now I wouldn't suddenly think that all those models are ugly as shit. They look fantastic, they're just a little dated... but hey, they gotta look as good as the models in iRacing, right? Right? Amirite or amirite? And we all know that iRacing is THE sim racer. Looks aren't everything I'm told.

Clearly, the PREMIUMEST of the premium

So that brings me to my point. The whole thing seems like much ado about nothing.

Let's look at the 200 premium cars. I don't know about you, but to me that's a lot of cars. Out of all the games in the series I probably put the most hours into GT2. I played that game a lot and collected a lot of vehicles. I would have to go pop the disc in and check out my garage to be sure, but I'm pretty positive my collection wouldn't exceed 200 cars.

So I guess what I'm proposing here is: Would it have been better if they had shipped GT5 with ONLY the 200 premium cars? I don't know how many cars most racing games offer these days, but I'd wager 200 is a respectable number for the genre. It's closest competitor Forza 3 has, what, like 500?

Personally I think I could play the shit out of GT5 and get my money's worth without ever using a standard car if that was my prerogative. The addition of 800 cars from previous series entries seems like a bonus.

Overall my biggest complaint with how they chose to do this is the countless tirades I've endured about how not ALL of the cars look amazing. Cry me a fucking river. At least they stated up front that there would be differences. I have no problem with them touting 1000 cars in the game. I mean it IS true. They might just want to think about flashing a disclaimer or something...

I think this is the first time I've seen this...

If they had released it without the 800 standard vehicles then people would have proclaimed Forza the winner for having the most cars. Then other people would proclaim GT the winner for having kart racing and rally races and nascar. And they would BOTH be right because we're ALL WINNERS HERE.

And there would still be much ado about nothing.



PS. I'm not going to go into any of the other issues I've had with GT5 so far (though I'm sure they'll be brought up in the comments). Suffice to say it is not a perfect game, but there is a fantastic racing experience to be had if you're a fan of GT. If you're not then this game certainly won't change your mind and why are you reading this anyway? :)   read

10:34 AM on 07.07.2010

Take my PSP... please.

Why is the PSP the Rodney Dangerfield of handheld consoles?

It gets no respect from anyone.

I'm not one to sit and go on and on about how fucking awesome the PSP is, to each his own, but I've really enjoyed my PSP and it's aggravating to hear everyone everywhere shitting all over it. I can certainly understand if the PSP isn't your thing, but most gamers who sound off on it all talk like a bunch of jilted fucking lovers.

Was everyone really expecting so much more from the PSP that it didn't deliver on?

I start to feel like I'm the asshole because I don't have anything to complain about.

I bought a PSP-1000 at launch and played the shit out of it. When the PSP-2000 came out my 1000 was having some issues so I traded it in and got a 2000 and played the shit out of it. When the PSPgo was released my 2000's d-pad was sticking and I also wanted to purchase a larger memory stick for all my digital downloads so I decided to trade in my 2000 and games and get a Go with an extra memory stick and I've since played the shit out of it.

Speaking of the Go, that's a whole other chapter on PSP hate.

I appreciate almost everything about it that all you savvy gamers see as 'epic fails'. I was more than happy to get rid of all my UMDs and have a smaller, sexier system without a UMD drive. I don't find prices on PSN to be that outrageous and I never bought used games for my PSP anyway so I'm not really missing out there. And so far every title I've gone searching for has been available digitally so no loss there either.

Clearly, the Go has a lot of downfalls for the majority of consumers in the know, but let's say Sony gave you exactly what you wanted in the Go: a 2nd analog nub, some kind of system that would allow you to transfer your UMD titles to digital memory, etc., how well do you think the PSP-2000 and 3000 would be doing? If Sony had delivered the Go that everyone seems to think they should have the older iterations of PSP would be totally obsolete. They also wouldn't have had much left over for the PSP2.

What we all wish the Go would've been...

As it is, the Go is a nice little system that coexists peacefully alongside its PSP brethren and offers those (apparently very few) of us who WANT digital only content an excellent ALTERNATIVE to purchasing a 2000 or 3000 with additional expensive big ass memory stick. You may think we're fucking suckers, but it could be we just want different things out of our handheld gaming experience.

So for all the PSP haters out there, tell me this: Is the competition really so much fucking better? The biggest complaint I see about the PSP is a lack of games. Fair enough. I play my PSP a lot and I've never felt like there just wasn't enough games out there for it, but if that's where you're coming from then ok, cool. Personally, I love the DS and its library and I would say the DS probably has more great games overall, but THAT much more? And for my money what the PSP may lack in sheer quantity of good games it more than makes up for with its other multimedia features... not to mention I just generally prefer Metal Gear to Mario most of the time, but that's just me.

Anyway, end rant. Sorry y'all. I just get tired of everyone more or less implying that I'm a dumb shit for liking the PSP and an especially numb nutted, stupendously dumb shit for liking the PSPgo.

It'd be one thing if it was just commenters, but the editors are always putting me down too! :)

PS I love you all and in honor of my first published blog I leave you this:

Me   read

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