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jasonmacure avatar 3:34 AM on 07.08.2013  (server time)
Best external controller for gaming on the iPad?

Iím not going to lie, it can be hard to enjoy a full gaming experience on a tablet. While my iPad performs superbly whenever I load and launch my favourite games, keying in the controls and manoeuvring the game play can be a pain if I were to rely solely on my iPadís touch screen. For this very reason, I took it upon myself to prowl the market for the best iPad gaming controllers that I can use to improve my iPad gaming experience. With awesome finds and great options available on the market, my search turned out to be very fruitful and productive.

Iíve been hearing news about how Apple has started the process of improving usersí experience in playing games using their devices with its own portable joystick patent. I read that the patent filed and secured by the company is designed for clickable and very tactile buttons and joysticks that can easily be attached to Apple devicesí touch screen surface.†

According to the news, Appleís patent makes way for accessories that easily stick to the necessary touch screen areas and activate the touch-sensitive areas that control the games. The whole invention supposedly rests on the idea of making their devices more responsive for players who use them for gaming. Personally, I cannot wait for this product to finally be developed and released for everyoneís use because I think that this innovation from Apple will redefine the whole iPad gaming experience. I know that game developers are also abuzz with the potential that this innovation promises because it provides them with more and batter tactile capabilities to build their games upon.†

In the mean times, iPad users like me will have to settle for plug-in controllers that are currently available on the market. While these controllers do not go for cheap, I think that they are worthy investments for those who love playing games using their tablets.†

I've heard good things about the iPadFling, which is an on-screen joystick that can be used to control games by touch. This add-on is such a hit among the users that I know because it provides auto-centring and feedback. Those who have tried it attest to the fact that playing dual stick shooters using this device is an easier and more enjoyable experience.†

If not the iPadFling, many also love the Duo Gamer game controller. This device uses two analogue sticks, four buttons, two triggers, and a d-pad for control. However, this gaming accessory can be pretty bulky when attached to a very slick device.

Personally, I've been using a combination case that comes with its own keyboard. This kind of case does not only make it easier for me to play whatever games I want on my iPad, but also gives my iPad the protection that it needs everyday. It also makes it easier for me to work on documents while I am on the go.†I currently use a†KeyFolio iPad case. It is the perfect companion and accessory for an iPad because the case itself is slick and compact.†

I think that investing in a good controller, such as the iPadFling or a case with a built-in keyboard are the better options for iPad gamers at the moment, although in the next few years it seems as though there will be many more options to choose from that may make gaming on the iPad much easier![/font][/size][/color]

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