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Hi, I'm Jared, a games industry writer, living in the Bay Area who currently has a lot of time on his hands! If you're going to stalk me, do it right and check out my personal site!
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12:49 AM on 06.19.2008

What!? Nine thousand!? Our dog and cat duo of Momo and
Chief have been known to have
epic duals. But what hath Chief wrought this time?

Feel free to check out the original as
Momo was bawwwing during a haircut. But don't worry, they're still bff's.

6:01 PM on 05.28.2008

I guess I should change the look of my Dtoid blog, am i rite?

“Everyone on Installation 04 drifted. It was impossible to drive straight.”

As one of those press jerks, I've been fiddling around with the Halo 3 Legendary Map pack for nearly a week now. Not only is this the best collection of Halo 3 maps yet, but it also features some really cool, new Forge stuff. With the help of a few friends and brave testers, I've cobbled together my first ever Forge creation, Overdriftacular.

Map: Overdrift 1.1 (04.15.08)
Gametype: Overdriftacular (04.15.08)
Course Overview: See Here

So if you like racing, high explosives and getting sideways, I highly suggest that you and your friends check it out. We've been racing on various versions of it all weekend and while there's still plenty of work to go, its a total blast.

Do it, or I'll run over your face.

You may have heard that the packaging for Microsoft's latest JRPG adventure, Lost Odyssey, is lacking in quality. Well, I'm here to tell you that's not true. You see, the tri-spindled discs and enveloped fourth is what you find in the regular edition of the game. You're a hardcore gamer, are you not? Why settle for the ordinary when you could have the extraordinary!

Our special edition of Lost Odyssey has arrived and I'd like to take you on a special tour of what you'll find inside.

As you can see, the special edition cover is meticulously crafted, hand drawn by Sakaguchi himself. The thin, fabric bag is not only collectible, but foldable as well. It really takes me back to the days when these kinds of games came with maps. How nostalgic!

Inside you'll find the game discs which are individually protected by a high-gloss envelope, complete with peeking window for easy access. You see, the outrage over the regular edition is due in part to all four discs not coming pre-sleeved. Its merely a teaser for what awaits the privileged who dared to step up to flavor. But that's not all!

Lost Odyssey is a massive, 70 hour epic RPG. You can become quite famished in that time! Again, a hand crafted delicacy awaits you as the special edition comes complete with a scrumptious cheese and turkey sandwich; a spicy spread being the main treat. The 7-UP, however, is mine. You may have one if you ask nicely.

See? It's not so bad. Just remember to ask your local game jockey if they have any extra sacks and enjoy Lost Odyssey!

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As a taste of what's to come in the third entry of the No Country for Old Arcades series I'm
working on, here's a video tour of my favorite arcade in the whole, wide world,
Arcade Infinity. I flew
down to LA for the story this weekend and it felt great to be back in the company of my SoCal
band of friends. As I told your tour guide Minh, its people like him who enrich my life.

Helping his case is the awesome squawk box he installed into his car. Nothing beats rolling by
gas stations shouting, "NO BLOOD FOR OIL!"

Part Two is officially live!

The best arcade in California for competitive fighting games is an invite-only establishment
run out of some guys garage and for as awesome as Keystone II is, that is the state of the
arcade industry. When I look back on the history of the business, it makes me believe that all
the arcades need is just one game to bring it all back. In the 90's it was Street Fighter II. Ten
years later it was Dance Dance Revolution.

The annual AOU show is next month and we'll be seeing everything from playable Street
Fighter IV to the standard Bemani sequels and the return of Dodonpachi. Will any of the
games there be that one brilliant title to bring it all back? It's all extremely unlikely, but I'm
also not going to complain when I see Melty Blood: Actress Again or something new like
BlazBlue popping up select arcades.

Wii Sports was and has been enough to fling Nintendo into the position of top dog once again.
I wonder if the same would have been true if it were released in arcades. Then again, arcades
blew by the whole motion sensing nonsense years ago and no one seemed to notice.