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Hi, I'm Jano from Chile, 21 years old, an avid Hardcore Gamer, I play fighting games and massive multiplayer games not MMO's and I'm also part of the FGC (Fighting Game Community), I'm a fan of CM Punk and I am a straight edge guy.

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-Call Of Duty (On hiatus until Black Ops 2)
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Allow me to attack this bashed genre...

One day, these games are at the top, are the best, coins and coins were played at the arcade stations, the games evolved and now it was not just dance, now you can play guitar or sing, people could also could be a DJ, or just tap colored buttons to make beats. Now the genre is crap, and I will tell why.

Let's start with history and with the greatest exponent of rhythm games, Konami, in 1997 Konami created Bemani, a subsidiary of musical rhythm games, their first game was Beatmania, which emulate being a DJ with just 5 small buttons, the game is popular in Japan, it evolved into Beatmania IIDX and remains strong in the success on that country. Then came the greatest exponent of musical games of all time and braked all barriers around the world, Dance Dance Revolution that came out in 1998, it's a simple game where you play four arrows with your feet to dance with the melodies there, years later DDR rival, Pump It Up from Andamiro came out and both enjoyed great success with the time and you go to an arcade location and always find one of those machines.

He's lame, he sucks, but he's right, music games now days, suck...

In the beginning of the 2000’s, Guitar Hero, a game created by Harmonix and published by the evil company called Activision, where you grab a plastic instrument that emulates a guitar and play with colored buttons, it is actually a copy of GuitarFreaks, another game made by Konami, yeah, Activision is bastard. Guitar Hero got great success in the consoles on America, Europe and other places that were not Asia until the third edition. Since then, Activision, watching that they are getting "DA MONEYZ" began to milk the cow with the release of multiple editions and spin-off’s every year like stupid idiots thirsty of more money.

This is where the trouble starts, the foolishness of Activision of being big douches and milk their franchises, they launched more than 10 games in the series HERO in the span of 2 years, it is an idiocy that makes Activision who thinks that we buy the same games every 3 months and give em’ their money, THEY THINK THAT WE ARE STUPID?, that's why their sales were down, that's why the games have such bad scores on magazines or sites, that’s why fans are already bored of this bulls*it. They are making the same with another game, a very famous one this days... I hope they don't end like this...

He's the devil, el diablo, he's bad, bad... Run for your lives!

Konami is also guilty on the western marked, the latest DDR games are bad (the exception is DDR X2 arcade version, which is spectacular), not giving the rhythm games that fans request and make games that fans didn't asked for, examples, Rock Revolution and Dance Masters, two bad games, that hang from the novelties of the moment. Special attention to Rock Revolution, a major mistake from konami trying to rip off the Rock Band Success and Failing, then they wanted to get money because the "project" failed by suing Harmonix and MTV for copying GuitarFreaks and Drummania by making Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Another mistake was the same as Activision, they miked DDR and Karaoke Revolution like a cow until it dried to the point that we get 7 different games on different platforms. That's Awful from a company that made famous games and franchises.

Mr Maeda, just shut up please!... And make good games, not shitty ones...

Anyway, there are cases that provide new breaths to the genre, one of the companies is Harmonix, which although it helps to saturation, they release games within a larger time span and decided to support their franchises otherwise, rock band games have a long time within each other to be launched, and between that time they launch DLC for their games and make the replay value go to infinity, and that is appreciated today because they care about music games and don’t saturate.

In conclusion ... This saturation of games that has been set between the years 2009 and 2010, destroyed, buried and profaneness the genre of musical or rhythm games with lots and lots of shitty games or more of the same. My advice: Seriously, let them rest, stop doing mediocre games because you (talking to you Konami and Activision) are destroying these games that in the late 90's and the first decade of 2000 achieved complete success, leave them for a while or give em wider launch dates for development. Fix the formulas and don't make crap.


And excuse my English here, used a translator to write in English because I couldn't write something long in English and my main language is Spanish, well if you wanna read it on Spanish I will leave a copy in Spanish in my blog, enjoy it, please don't be so hard...
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1:55 AM on 01.08.2011

Short one: 2 videos, Kid Icarus Gamplay from ninty World 2011 and DOA Dimensions 5 min trailer... ENJOY!...


Ok, on the last "Iwata Asks" Satoru Iwata was with with members of Team Ninja, and we discover that even while using a dual-layered DVD, the development team barely managed to "squeeze" all the content in.

Yes, we are f*cked up, again another DL disc, and we all now about how much trouble is to run a DL disc on a Wii.

This game is the 4th DL disc on the wii catalog:
-Super Smash Brothers Brawl (6,78 GB)
-Metroid Prime Trilogy (8,7 GB)
-Samurai Warriors 3 (7,43 GB)
-Metroid: Other M (??? GB)

From Silconera:

On another note we got the news that there will no be a Gravity "Purple Sexy" Suit on Other M, instead there is a "GRAVITY MODE" with purple aura arround Samus.

During development, Team Ninja assumed that Samus would go through her usual colour changes throughout the course of the game as she upgraded her Power Suit, and they modeled the iconic Gravity Suit as well. It was the last Suit in almost EVERY Metroid game. However, the Boss of the Metroid franchise, Yoshio Sakamoto, felt that the Gravity Suit, with its purple theme, looked odd and out of place during a series of serious events toward the end of the game.

Look this photo.

DSWii (spanish)

Rock Band 3 Setlist OFFICIAL Comment from Harmonix on Vimeo.

That pretty much says why the setlist is leaked... Oh Harmonix, you're so hilarious... But why TOKIO "EMO" HOTEL?... WHY?...

Yep, reading a spanish blog I saw some rumors that said this, GOLDENEYE 007 REMAKE will show up on E3 and will be amazing if it show up, problem, it will be published thanks to the evil empire of doom called ACTIVISION...

Heres some rumors of the game:
- Development duties have been split between UK-based Eurocom and US-based n-Space
- Will be appearing on Wii and DS
- Absolute REMAKE of GOLDENEYE 007 of the N64
- Will be launched on November 2010
- The only stuff changed are some characters or actors in some roles, most notably, Daniel Craig as James.
-Split Screen 4 player multi, and 8 players online.

In my opinion, Goldeneye 007 should be devploved by BUNGIE, why?, a lot of EX-RARE Devs are there, they know almost all about Goldeneye, well, at least its a full REMAKE only with faces updated.

Pray guys...

Remake Goldeneye 007 [dswii.es]
Activision GoldenEye game in November [Eurogamer]

11:26 PM on 05.16.2010

From Wikipedia:

Ronnie James Dio (born Ronald James Padavona; July 10, 1942 – May 16, 2010) was an American heavy metal vocalist and songwriter. He performed with Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell, and his own band Dio. Other musical projects include the collective fundraiser Hear 'n Aid. He was widely hailed as one of the most powerful singers in heavy metal, renowned for his consistently powerful voice and for popularizing the "devil's horns" hand gesture in metal culture. He was collaborating on a project with former Black Sabbath bandmates Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Vinny Appice, under the moniker Heaven & Hell, whose first and only studio album, The Devil You Know, was released on April 28, 2009. On the morning of May 16, 2010, he died after a six-month battle with stomach cancer. He was 67 years old.

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