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jackal27 avatar 5:41 PM on 02.02.2009  (server time)
Sketchbook: 2/2/09- Link and Contra Drawings

Art is personal. It's a form of communication in which a person attempts to convey a feeling or concept through imagery. Of course, music and many other things are also art, but I'm speaking specifically about visual art and illustration.

I have been drawing since before I could read or write and, second only to talking, it's my oldest form of communication. I love to share my creations with others. Even now, I'll do large projects or artwork for different churches or organizations. That stuff is all well and good. However, the majority of my work remains unseen. The more personal stuff that I do throughout the day in my notebooks, on assignments, and in my sketchbooks. Much of it remains there for months or years, a testament to the thousands of ideas and thoughts racing through ADD-driven brain at particular times in my life. Still though, I sometimes wish I could share them with others...

So! Here we are! In this segment, titled Sketchbook, I'm going to weekly (yeah right) share my stupid little doodles and sketches that I've done recently and even not-so-recently. Most of it will be video game related, but all of it will have been inspired by video games in some way. Not all of it may be very good, some of it may be funny, and some of it may be very personal, but it's something that will be nice to get out there. So! With that said, please enjoy my so-called art.

Sketchbook: 2/2/09- Link and Contra Drawings

This particular drawing is a big departure from what I usually draw for two reasons. First, it's colored. Second, it shows an entire environment as opposed to just a character. Of course, what inspired this picture was Contra, specifically Contra 4. It's a little over a year old and I drew it at the children's after-school program I worked for at the time. It's colored with highlighters because that's what was laying around me at the time.

As you can see, I don't do well with texturing outdoor environments, so I tend to make them look how I want them to look. Also through, I don't usually color my drawings, so think of how confusing this would look without the colors there to split it up. Still, this drawing inspired me to get better at drawing landscapes and I'm still pretty happy with how it looks.

This quick sketch was done much more recently in late November. It was a preliminary sketch for a t-shirt design I wanted to make for a friend's Christmas present. It was going to be Link, holding a shield and throwing a Boomerang in mid-air. As you can see, over the last year or so, I've gotten much better with action poses (thanks to some advice from different online comic artists), but I still have trouble pulling away from the anime wannabe art of my youth... Hopefully I can find a good balance.

I'm still mildly pleased with the final product, even if the t-shirt never came to fruition and I didn't even get to ink the drawing. Link has always been one of my favorite characters to draw since he's so recognizable, but I never feel as if I do him justice. He's always either too manly or too feminine.

So what do you guys think? Does this interest you at all? Is my stuff really that horrible? Would be interested in seeing more? Let me know!

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