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jackal27 avatar 9:21 AM on 10.17.2008  (server time)
Mother 3 English rom Patch Download is GO!!

A little while ago, I went the Mother 3 fan translation website to see if there had been any updates only to notice that the comment box had been disabled on the newest thread! I was freaked out, but also excited. Was it coming!? WAS IT!!?

Then I refreshed the site to get a red page with this message


IT'S UP!! JUST NOW!! While I was writing this!!

UPDATE: I finished this blog rather quickly to download the patch as fast as possible, but the site along with the download have indeed gone live in just the past couple of minutes. The site has been totally overhauled and looks great. Apparently there's an English Mother 3 walkthrough, produced by, that's going to be released on the web, but will also be available in book form! Awesome news!

There's so much to say... I've been waiting to play this game for years and now it's here... So why am I writing this and not playing it!? I don't know! Go download a Gameboy Advance emulator, the Japanese rom, and the patch, DO EET! DO EET NAO!!


Also, for some who might want more info on Mother 3 (it's the sequel to the fantastic Super Nintendo RPG, Earthbound) check out this site:

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