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jackal27 avatar 5:22 PM on 11.19.2008  (server time)
Game Run! 11/19/08- Batman(NES) & Power Blade

Every week or so, I do a "game run" when I'm in town, systematically going to every store that would sell used games and seeing what I can dig up. I usually find at least one good deal, however, I've never had a place to share my excitement for the treasures that I uncover until now...

Game Run! 11/19/08

1. Batman

System: NES
Store: Game Xchange
Price: $1.95

I was VERY excited when I saw this game sitting in the NES bin at Game Xchange and even more excited when I saw the price tag. Christmas is coming up and I have a girlfriend, along with friends and family, to buy presents for so I've been watching my wallet, but you can't beat a dollar! Anyway, this was one of the first games I ever played since it was included in the NES that was given to me by my friend across the street roughly 12 or 13 years ago. It has a lot of sentimental value and it also happens to be a great game. I remember being very bad at it, even worse than my little brother which was very embarrassing. So I didn't feel quite as bad when I played it today and realized that THIS GAME IS HARD!! Either way though, it rocks. It' probably one of my top 10 NES games and it's my favorite Batman game by far.

If you haven't played the game... it's a side-scrolling action game from the school Ninja Gaiden. Not to mention that it stars Batman and he's packing Baterangs, ninja stars, and a gun... THAT SHOOTS ROCKETS!!

[/b]2. Power Blade

System: NES
Store: Game Xchange
Price: $1.95

I can never buy just ONE NES game, especially when they're this good and this cheap! I had never played Power Blade until earlier this year when I read about it being a very underrated NES action game. Which is exactly what it is! Upon playing it I realized that I had gotten it mixed up with it's far-superior sequel, but it's a great game none the less!

If you haven't played the game...[b] it's a side scrolling action game with a manly main character who fights with BOOMERANGS! What is it wit boomerangs anyway?... Weird.

Like I said, I haven't been able to buy much lately and frankly I've been realizing that there are far more important things for me to be spending my money on, especially when I already have so many games that I haven't beaten. Even so, I was ok with spending a bit of cash on these two great games.
RUN RATING:3/5 Stars

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