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jackal27 avatar 12:04 AM on 02.02.2009  (server time)
10ish things you don't know about jackal27

Here are 10 (11) things you probably don't know about me. Everyone else was doing... I JUST WANTED TO BE PART OF SOMETHING!!

1.) I love culture. I love others' cultures as well as studying my own. I like to be able to find what makes someone tick by putting myself in their shoes, so studying culture is the perfect way to do that.

2.) I love helping people. I almost became a licensed counselor until I found out that licensed counselors aren't allowed, under ANY circumstances, to have social contact with their clients. Dumbest thing ever.

3.) I love art! I draw, paint, write, make music, and pretty much anything else that I can figure out how to do. I love how art can express things that normal communication can't and how it can help me to better relate to what someone is feeling.

4.) I'm in a constant struggle to stop playing video games as much. I love video games, but I feel like they are something that can (and often do) get taken too far. I've spent thousands of dollars (and hours) on games. Now I look back and say, what for? All that time and money was spent gratifying my own selfish desires. So! I simplify things. Last year, I only took my Super Nintendo away to college. This year, I only took my DS. If I can't be happy with what I already have, I'll simply fall into the stupid rat-race of craving even more and more junk. Everything in moderation.

5.) My favorite movie is the 1930's version of King Kong. The pacing, the special effects, the writing. Everything about is just spectacular. Good stuff.

6.) When I was in Jr. High I decided that I wanted to be more like Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII, who tended to be quiet and a bit arrogant... However, I wasn't like that. After trying as hard as I could, I eventually made myself act like a quieter person just out of habit. I've been trying to reverse that habit for years now...

7.) I love to share my experiences with others. I'm not sure why or if it's a good or bad thing. I worry that it may be selfish. Maybe I feel a need to express myself or have others relate to me. So! I'm constantly showing people movies, TV shows, music, video games, etc. However, I have come to the realization that in order to truly have someone relate to me, I need to relate to them first. So instead of shoving the things that I love in people's faces, I'm more interested in finding things that they will enjoy.

8.) I have an abundance of character flaws that I am constantly working on and sometimes I don't always realize how they effect those around me. It's frustrating.

9.)I'm a Christian. From what I've seen on sites like digg, etc. it seems to be a unusual thing on the internet and within geek circles. I will never try to shove my way of life in your face though. Also, it really is something that I've mulled over and studied up on, so just know that the faith I have isn't blind, nor is it ignorant. It drives me crazy when ignorant Christians automatically pass to "faith" when faced with a good question. I could never make a decision this big without thorough consideration.

10.) Sometimes I talk too much... *ahem*

11.) I love community in general. This one is no exception.

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