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My name is Jack Acacia, a gamer and writer.

No wait, those two don't go hand and hand.

No wait, I'm on this site, what the balls.

Anyway, I enjoy writing, and if anything, my blog posts are overly long essays about certain things where I add my sarcastic and dry humor into the mix.
Something like that, and if anything, I'm always open to conversation.

I really don't know what else to write here, I'm a pretty bland guy who sits around playing Counter Strike Global Offensive, jacking off, drinking pepsi or coke, and wishing that I actually had a PC over a Mac. I want to shoot my computer.

My steam profile is Jack Acacia
and I own a My Little Pony Facebook Page:

And now everyone can hate me for watching a show about ponies...yeah..

What the fuck am I even saying, My name is Jack, I like writing overly long sarcastic dry essays, and I like playing games and drinking pepsi.
Okay, I'm done.


10:08 PM on 06.25.2013
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