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iwontusemyname avatar 12:53 AM on 07.15.2008  (server time)
Mega Man 9 music has already been covered. (And other thoughts)

And by a ukulele and voice band no less!

Tanguy Ukulele Orchestra whips up a neat version of the song heard at the very end of the
newest trailer.

Right here, yo.

Personally, I can't wait for a cooler remix of the main trailer song.


But speaking of Mega Man 9, I'm almost half expecting some large twist in the form of
"this is a really new game with crazy cooler updated visual things!" kind of thing. Is that
weird? I know it's just going to be straight up NES-style cool, but it still gets me thinking.

Ever since Kojima tricked us into thinking we'd play as Snake in MGS2 all the way up until we
started playing as Raiden, I've been wondering if any other game would provide a similar
thrill. Maybe I was hoping for something like that in the 4th game, like one that really messes
with the player.

I dunno.

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