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iwontusemyname avatar 1:27 PM on 06.30.2008  (server time)
ABOTU! The "Glowing Read Eyes" of Games. (Spoilers are welcome here)

(By the way, this blog is dedicated to Skribble for giving me a new substitute word for
"WTF", which is, in fact, ABOTU (pronounced, for no reason at all, AH-BOW-TWO! in a
snooty French accent.) So thanks for that.)

For a decent portion of my time, when I'm not playing games, making stupid comments on
the C-Blogs or masturbating, I work on a literary magazine for my college. Basically, a
dozen people and I receive terrible, terrible short fiction and poetry that people turn in. We
eat pizza and laugh while we degrade their hard work. It's pretty fun.

But then there is stuff that makes us angry by being misdirecting. One story we got was
actually starting to get good, with excellent pacing and a decent character, then...out of no
where...BOOM. Fucking Vampires are everywhere. And not in a jokey, From Dusk 'Till
, kind of way. No, this author was being completely serious about it. And right
before the turn, the main character's eyes start glowing a pulsating red, and thus, the term
was coined.

What are some games that have this "glowing red eye" deal? Have you ever went through
a game moving along one style, or thinking one thing, only to be tossed into another,
making you shout WTF!? or ABOTU?!! or something in the same vein?

I guess an example of this might be finding out the Colonel and Rose in MGS2 are AI
programs. But I can't think of one that changes the whole style of the game (be it
mechanics or otherwise) off the top of my head. I'm using the phrase in sort of a negative
sense, but it also applies to anything that makes a huge change.

Anyone else?

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