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Hey I am a 13 year old male

favorite games right now: TF2, HL2

Steam: ironmanrules1333{CP-N}
xbox: ironmanrule1333

love cake
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So TF2 issues it has been a while since my last post about this so for those who don't remember this blog is to bring up points about the overall quality of play on the Destructoid server. Today I have 2 points for you.

1 Uneven or unequal teams. Every time I find myself at the server I find that there is one team with the hardest of the hardcore and 2 extra people against a team of n00bs. WTF? That brings no competition and frustration to anyone who is forced to join the sucky team. try to balance out, see how good you really are.

2Melee throws. Whenever a match gets boring It feels like everyone tosses their weapons aside and runs up to hit you. I don't have a problem with this from time to time but really?! mid-way through every map. If you get bored rtv (rock the vote) and get a new match going.

I know these aren't really play issues but these things piss me off the most about the Dtoid server. so come on. also check out this if you haven't seen it yet.

This week is a sad week for fans of 1up. A magazine which I believe featured many very in depth articles about gaming and a great staff has been shut down earlier this week, GFW or Games for Windows: the Official Magazine. I first heard about it in their podcast, which is apparently still going on. It seems as though this is individual to GFW and the editors are still employed for online articles. A sad day in the advancement of games journalism.

so third blog today lets get started.

I have a 2002 dell.

It has minor upgrades to ram and graphics.

My monitor is pure fail.

I took this shot to show how big my monitor is.

I can somehow run a laggy tf2 on minimum settings.

4:57 PM on 03.21.2008

Dear Dtoid TF2 players,

while playing on your many a time I have often noticed one thing, an ignorant forgetfulness or
notknowinglyness of many of the players. Now I am in no way saying that everyone is this
I know some people are super skilled and could kick my ass but some of you are being
retards. To help everyone out I have composed a list of 3 things you should know about TF2.
Please keep in mind that these are not good in all situations but in most.

1 To stop someone from capping a point you can simply stand on
it. many people stand at a distance crying like a baby trying to not get killed. Instead run
headlong into the hail like the man (or woman) you are. Hopefully reinforcements will arrive

2 Let the medic have the health! All the time I see two people, a
medic and another person, hurt, running for the same health pack and the person who is not
the medic takes the health. WHY? If the medic gets healed they can heal you, but if they die
you will be screwed later.

3 Too many of any class if a bad idea. I slap myself in the head
when I enter the server and find like 8 people playing engineer. If you balance your class
numbers you can improve any team.

Soo feel free to tell me I'm wrong but more posts to come about TF2

I get pissed when I see one of these but unfortunately I can't decide between Layden and Patapon. I am going on a semi-long trip and want a new portable game I have a PSP and a DS and just want some suggestions.

So most people heard about Ziff Davis filing for chapter 11 earlier this week. I turns out that
acording to Simon Cox, Important 1up guy, 1up will have new owners relativly soon.

I'm sorry if someone already covered this. here is the link