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A Week of Mourning

This week is a sad week for fans of 1up. A magazine which I believe featured many very in depth articles about gaming and a great staff has been shut down earlier this week, GFW or Games for Windows: the Official Magazine. I ...


"Not my Turning Point gaming rig"

so third blog today lets get started. I have a 2002 dell. It has minor upgrades to ram and graphics. My monitor is pure fail. I took this shot to show how big my monitor is. I can somehow run a laggy tf2 on minimum settings.


TF2 and You

Dear Dtoid TF2 players, while playing on your many a time I have often noticed one thing, an ignorant forgetfulness or notknowinglyness of many of the players. Now I am in no way saying that everyone is this way I know som...


Layden vs. Patapon

I get pissed when I see one of these but unfortunately I can't decide between Layden and Patapon. I am going on a semi-long trip and want a new portable game I have a PSP and a DS and just want some suggestions.


1up plus chapter 11

So most people heard about Ziff Davis filing for chapter 11 earlier this week. I turns out that acording to Simon Cox, Important 1up guy, 1up will have new owners relativly soon. I'm sorry if someone already covered this. here is the link www.1up.com/do/blogEntry?bId=8657645&publicUserId=1002446


Kid Gamers

Hi, before reading this post please note this is my first post. It is also not really news related. I want to tell everyone about a group of gamers that are mis represented. That group is younger gamers. I am 13 years o...


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Hey I am a 13 year old male

favorite games right now: TF2, HL2

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