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iplayanken avatar 3:18 PM on 04.04.2008  (server time)
Keeping my big mouth shut

I must say, I've completely ran out of bloggism. The reason surprisingly not being that I've suddenly made a Circle of Peace prototype in my workplace involving customers and me holding hands in a large oval flower-filled world of peace and Air-wick inspired fragrance whilst chanting "goodwill to all men" and carefully avoiding shop stock. No, it's because, legally, I can't, and if I want to, I'll have to find myself a damn good lawyer and be prepared to say bye-bye to my millionaire-paying shop-assistant income as a result.

I can't say I'm surprised. In fact I have a niggling feeling many workplaces will be instigating the same e-disclaimers for the protection of their own safety, as well as customers and staff alike. The down side being I can no longer rant about the very things that I should be free to rant about. I mean no harm nor malicious intent - in fact I tend to never mention my workplace by name, location or specific descriptions of people I see - I aim merely to teach the general public some manners, and perhaps give some people thoughtful scenarios to mull over whilst coffee-drinking.

Of course, I can always see a positive side to things - even corporate-induced rubbish that I will rarely, if ever, agree with. I can understand how important a company's reputation is. I do not disagree whole-heartedly with the point being made. I can understand the difference between 'e-bullying' and some random slagging of a company (e.g. "<company name here> sux da cawk").

However I don't believe I should be made to refrain from informing the wider world when I'm not happy with something. Some companies already enjoy controlling their employees by enforcing "no visible piercing/tattoo/brightly dyed hair" crap (though it must noted that not all do, and some do for hygienic reasons which is fair enough).

But I work to live, not live to work. And it sucks, knowing that I'm just another individual, another no-one, and if I get fired, who the hell cares? There's a huge line of sheep bleeting behind me anyway.

However, rules will be rules, and I'll now have to think up other amazing games-related nonsensery to amuse with. Yeah. Humteetum. *twiddles thumbs*. The 21st century is rubbish.

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