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iplayanken's blog

3:18 PM on 04.04.2008

Keeping my big mouth shut

I must say, I've completely ran out of bloggism. The reason surprisingly not being that I've suddenly made a Circle of Peace prototype in my workplace involving customers and me holding hands in a large oval flower-filled wo...   read

5:34 AM on 02.21.2008

Hormones and Working Hours

Warning: if you find talks of PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) icky, please do not read on. A slightly off-the-ball topic of 'hormones' is plaguing my thoughts on this (rainy, miserable, dull, go-back-to-bed) day. Yeah, I have ...   read

3:58 PM on 01.17.2008

Shut up, McDonalds and ASA

Original story taken from I am sick of organizations and people pointing the finger at the games industry for violence, obesity rates, car accidents.........   read

1:23 PM on 01.11.2008

Got yer receipt there?

Paper is a fantastic invention. Paper is used in books, bags and boxes. Paper is used for art. Paper is money. Paper is origami. Paper is used to contain still fruit drinks and to wrap fish suppers. Paper is also biodegradab...   read

3:22 PM on 12.30.2007

Xmas Headache

A ranting little ditty I constructed a week or so before the 25th, when poor games store staffing such as myself were contemplating SUICIDE, and such things No sooner than the Nintendo Wii bares its magical arse on UK store ...   read

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