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insomnia's blog

7:39 AM on 07.18.2008

Euro FNF - Team Fortress 2: Insomnia is playing real life fps edition.

Video made by Fail (<3 <3 <3) As I'll be playing an FPS in real life (paintball) it'll be up to our friendly brit Budr to run the show. But I have all faith that this limey bastard will make it a fun night and I m...   read

11:41 AM on 07.11.2008

European FNF - Team Fortress 2 - I'm back edition

(Thanks for the pic bloodylip) After last weeks epic party weekend I'm staying home tonight and ready for another awesome EuroFNF. I'm still not confident to lock the server up but so far we've been having fun anyway, esp...   read

12:09 PM on 06.27.2008

European FNF - Team Fortress 2 - Maps Galore edition

And another friday is upon us, this will be just another fun Euro FNF with 3 nice looking maps. I don't think we'll have enough regulars tonight but we're getting ever closer to locking stuff up. We have 3 new custom maps...   read

9:18 AM on 06.20.2008

Euro FNF - Team Fortress 2: Whores need to learn patience edition

Ah yes, it's the day after the big Pyro update and the first chance most Europeans get a chance to really try it out. Because we don't want to have one eternal fiery hell for the entire FNF we'll whore on the European serve...   read

8:17 AM on 06.06.2008

Euro FNF - Team Fortress 2: Europeans sappin your sentries edition.

Come one, come all to the first ever European Team Fortress 2 Friday Night Fights. Because this is the first European FNF and I don't know how many people will join I won't be putting a password on the server unless a lo...   read

1:22 PM on 05.24.2008

New EU TF2 Server: Europeans sappin mah sentries

So, I've set up my own TF2 server, it's brand new, based in amsterdam and I'll be organizing EU PC FNF's and probably later TFT's on it. I have no reserve slot plugin installed yet but I will install that later on, I'll post about that when its done. Here is the info: Host/IP:   read

10:54 AM on 03.31.2008

My Saxophone, let me show you it. [NVGR]

I just bought my first Saxophone and I am happy as a clam right now. Going to start with lessons tomorrow. I'll continue with the video game music match up soon, life has been a bit busy.   read

5:55 PM on 03.19.2008

The best video game music -- Nomination round 2

The best video game music -- Nomination round 2 This is the second nomination round of my video game music match-up. I already got some great nominations but I decided to hold a second nomination round so that the people w...   read

9:36 PM on 03.15.2008

The best video game music -- Nomination round

Update: I dropped the original rendition requirement for the piece The best video game music -- Nomination round Welcome all to a series I thought up while playing audiosurf to some of my favourite video game music. I wan...   read

11:29 AM on 02.25.2008

REVIEW: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

[This will be my first review, so be gentle. Constructive criticism is always appreciated. Furthermore, I am a huge Ace Attorney fanboy so this review might be a bit biased.] The Ace Attorney games have been a breath of fr...   read

2:36 PM on 02.21.2008

An idea: Destructoid PC alliance

Gentleman, I hereby propose a Destructoid PC alliance. The reasons of a Destructoid PC alliance is not, I repeat NOT, to talk shit about consoles, it is to show that the PC is far from a dead gaming platform and that there...   read

10:46 AM on 02.21.2008

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney first impressions

So I've been playing the new Ace Attorney game for a bit last night and it gave me a great impression. The characters so far have been a mix of old and new and Capcom's localization has been phenomenal as per usual. (They nam...   read

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