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insomnia avatar 8:24 AM on 08.08.2008  (server time)
Euro FNF - TF2 - 08-08-2008 - Triple eight edition

Welcome to another edition of Euro FNF! Your host of this evening will be ainmosni!!! We have four fun looking maps on the schedule for tonight which we hope you'll enjoy.

The crit rocketing will continue until morale improves.
- The Management

cp_freight_b3 - A sideproject from the maker of cp_steel which gets a lot of good feedback and looks quite good, this one could be quite fun. (Yes this was on the menu a few weeks ago but we never got to it back then.)
tc_atlantic_b3 - ZOMG, another custom tc map and it looks gorgeous!
cp_boulder_v1 - cp_mof went final and we want to see that final product off course, it's a map in the trend of dustbowl so it'll probably be good.
cp_japan_v2 - To fit with cp_egypt last week, here is cp_japan... A very nice looking cp map.

The important information:

Map Pack - This has most of the customs on the server and the few that aren't on there will be downloaded automatically when and if they get played.

If you had a reserved slot on Caffeine's server, you will have it on this one as well, if you don't and want a reserved spot: mail me your Steam ID on FNF [at] ams-sec [dot] org
Time: 20:00 CEST (GMT +2)

Server: #3 European Server [FastDL|Customs|Stock|HLStatsX|Voting]
Password: N/A (Unless we get enough regulars, in that case the password will be 'point')

Spill-Over Server:
Server: #2 Goldrush/Dustbowl
Password: N/A

Server: #1 [FastDL|Customs|HLStatsX|Voting]
Password: littlecart

Spillover Instructions:

1) Join the overflow server

2) Open the server browser menu, double click on the destructoid server and click 'auto-retry' and then click 'join as soon as a slot is available'.

3) Hit Esc to close the menus, this will allow you to continue to play TF2 while you wait for a slot to open.

**Your reserve slot will work on all three servers**

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