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insomnia's blog

8:36 AM on 08.29.2008

Euro FNF - TF2 - 29-08-2009 - No PAX for us edition

Welcome to another edition of The European FNF... The place to be on a friday night. (Unless you go out) There is a chance I might not be around this time, if this happens I'll leave you in the capable hands of Budr or Dave...   read

6:52 AM on 08.22.2008

Euro FNF - TF2 - 22-08-2009 - Free Weekend is Free Edition

Well, the first FNF since the heavy update and the first day of the next free weekend. Class limits on the heavy are in place so that we won't get heavy fortress 2... For the rest, another round of custom maps and hopefully...   read

11:09 AM on 08.15.2008

Euro FNF - TF2 - 15-08-2008 - TGIF Edition

Another Friday another Fight, I've had a hell of a day at work so let's have a lot of fun! pl_hoodo_b1 - A very nice looking PL map. ctf_outset - A CTF map based on Wind Waker, looks very nice, let's hope it plays that way...   read

10:00 AM on 08.15.2008

Euro FNF - TF2 update

The Euro FNF post will be a bit late because I have a very busy work day... It's still on at 18:00 UTC though. (Brits are +1 UTC fyi)   read

8:24 AM on 08.08.2008

Euro FNF - TF2 - 08-08-2008 - Triple eight edition

Welcome to another edition of Euro FNF! Your host of this evening will be ainmosni!!! We have four fun looking maps on the schedule for tonight which we hope you'll enjoy. The crit rocketing will continue until morale impr...   read

7:09 AM on 08.01.2008

European FNF - Team Fortress 2 - Variety is the Spice of Life Edition

Another Friday, another FNF. This time I'll be here instead of getting totally shitfaced somewhere in the city... We have a nice varied selection of maps today, all of them look very promising and I'm very curious to see h...   read

7:39 AM on 07.18.2008

Euro FNF - Team Fortress 2: Insomnia is playing real life fps edition.

Video made by Fail (<3 <3 <3) As I'll be playing an FPS in real life (paintball) it'll be up to our friendly brit Budr to run the show. But I have all faith that this limey bastard will make it a fun night and I m...   read

11:41 AM on 07.11.2008

European FNF - Team Fortress 2 - I'm back edition

(Thanks for the pic bloodylip) After last weeks epic party weekend I'm staying home tonight and ready for another awesome EuroFNF. I'm still not confident to lock the server up but so far we've been having fun anyway, esp...   read

12:09 PM on 06.27.2008

European FNF - Team Fortress 2 - Maps Galore edition

And another friday is upon us, this will be just another fun Euro FNF with 3 nice looking maps. I don't think we'll have enough regulars tonight but we're getting ever closer to locking stuff up. We have 3 new custom maps...   read

9:18 AM on 06.20.2008

Euro FNF - Team Fortress 2: Whores need to learn patience edition

Ah yes, it's the day after the big Pyro update and the first chance most Europeans get a chance to really try it out. Because we don't want to have one eternal fiery hell for the entire FNF we'll whore on the European serve...   read

8:17 AM on 06.06.2008

Euro FNF - Team Fortress 2: Europeans sappin your sentries edition.

Come one, come all to the first ever European Team Fortress 2 Friday Night Fights. Because this is the first European FNF and I don't know how many people will join I won't be putting a password on the server unless a lo...   read

1:22 PM on 05.24.2008

New EU TF2 Server: Europeans sappin mah sentries

So, I've set up my own TF2 server, it's brand new, based in amsterdam and I'll be organizing EU PC FNF's and probably later TFT's on it. I have no reserve slot plugin installed yet but I will install that later on, I'll post about that when its done. Here is the info: Host/IP:   read

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