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5:44 AM on 03.22.2008

My own little Condemned 2 Review

Destructoid's own little controversy regarding Reverend Anthony's review of Condemned 2 and Jim Sterling's following verbal smackdown got me to thinking of my own experience with the game. Rev made some very harsh statements ...   read

3:13 PM on 11.14.2007

Mass Effect has a massive effect in my pants

An unkown retailer (hint: rhymes with lametop) may have accidently sold me eternal bliss. That's right, I have in my hands, what might be the best 360 game of this year. I mean that too; it might be better than Bioshock, an...   read

3:27 AM on 10.31.2007

Because Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

You know what this web site needs? More robots. Without a constant supply of robots, the internet would collapse, and we'd have to go back to sitcoms for entertainment. Fortunately there are people like me out there, who ca...   read

11:14 PM on 07.08.2007

Somebody think of the children, the Beowulf Game is after their innocence!

Perusing IGN's list of upcoming PC titles I noticed the Beowulf game. Apparently it's a tie in to an upcoming movie by the same name, which is based on a book most of us had to read in high school. Like most of my class I nod...   read

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