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The first game I remember playing is Lemmings on a gateway computer when I was six. Thats when it all started. Soon afterwards I got a gameboy with Super Mario Land and Tetris. I still remember the day I finally got to the real Peach and the ending credits that rolled, I jumped off the stairs I was sitting on and ran into the kitchen to show my mom what I had just done. I had finally achieved my ultimate goal. Then as the start menu flashed back onto the screen it opened a new door. There was a second option for completing the game. Only it was harder this time. As time went on I got a gameboy colour and then my very first console, the playstation. It came with Chrash Bandicoot a game I poured hours into. It escalated with other games like Medievil and Final Fantasy VII. Then a new system came out. The playstation 2. I finally got two christmasss later. I was introduced to the Metal Gear series on this console, Tenchu and Prince of Persia. Ico entertained me and Shadow of the Colossus blew my mind. I then lost interest. Actually I had no money to buy any of the next gen consoles. Thats when I found free indie-games on the internet. I still want to get back to big title games. I have the orange box and want to get online with it. I need to get online with left 4 dead 2. Still, I will always keep an eye on the indie-game scene because it gave me the most vast and some of the most enjoyable games I've ever had.

I guess what I am trying to say is, I never did complete the harder setting of Super Mario Land you unlock when you finish the game. I just got too distracted.

10:36 AM on 01.08.2010
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