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imcowman avatar 7:55 PM on 08.20.2007  (server time)
Oh the college.

So yeah, I love me some video games. But like most of my favorite things, they cost money, and as many people know, college students do not often have money. Especially after buying a 360 and a CAR. A car that needs work. But thats another post.

Pretty much what my bank account comes down to is:
Which game is my money best spent on?? (FYI I have a Wii and a 360, because the PS3 just isnt worth it right now)

Right now, this could not be more annoying. With a large number of uhh-mazing games coming out this upcoming season (as well as in the next two weeks), I need to make decisions.
The only two games I have decided upon without a doubt to get with my money on release day are Bioshock (tomorrow!!!!1!one) and Smash Bros. Brawl. With Bioshock out tomorrow, I currently have the cash for it, and I already fully paid off Smash which is easily my most anticipated game of ever.

Other games I want:
Stranglehold (360)
Metroid 3 (Sorta decided as a GET, but money is a problem)
Guitar Hero 3 (PS2)
Rock Band (360)(with all instruments)
Mario Galaxy

WOW my brain is fried tonight. There have to be more games, like 3rd party ones. Yeah.. Oh well.
So these games are not necessarily un-gettable. However, I cant get them all the day they come out, AND my parents would kill me if I bought so much so close to christmas. (I know, who cares blahblahblah, but who doesnt like free games?) So heres the question, buy and be broke, or ask for for Christmas? Yeah, dumb question, but I need to get this down.

Now I don't really expect to get all of them, but I would like all of them, plus all those ones I forgot, because I am dumb.

So yeah, feel free to comment on the games, my life, or anything you want to complain about, like how I spelled amazing.

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