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10:18 PM on 06.06.2008

Study Reveals Video-Game Violence Linked to High-Scores

...on the last report on the scroller at the bottom of this news report.

[embed]89538:12005[/embed]   read

1:28 PM on 04.27.2008

The Whitest Kids U Know + Bowser from SMB2 = WIN

This very well could be a repost, but at this point - I do this for those of you who happen by and haven't yet enjoyed the glory that is - "The Tattoo Parlor"

Saw this vid a few months back, and found it very entertaining, so let's do the video now:
(leaving it smaller, cause the video isn't very good and the audio could be a little loud)

And so today, I am looking at some crazy tattoos online, just somehow ended up there - and then I found this beaut:

All I can say is that... Bowser from Super Mario Bros 2 looks freakin' sweet. Awesome tat.

p.s. - I am interested to see how many people can actually enjoy comedy without needing to state the obvious, and how Bowser is only on certain Mario Bros. titles... of which, SMB2 is NOT one of them. So... relax, just ENJOY.   read

9:06 PM on 04.25.2008

Dear CAPCOM: I'm glad there is a ZERO, but just WHERE is BIOHAZARD 2???

I'm sorry guys, but... WTF?! C'mon. I'm glad that this game exists, don't get me wrong, but... I ALREADY played it and enjoyed it. I already have it. And it was excellent.


Your preference of this game or not is irrelevant at this point. Where the HELL is BIOHAZARD 2???

No, don't even show me this shit:

That was pure and transluscent bullshit. And so was #3.

Back in the day, when the Gamecube came out, it was pretty damn sweet - and the graphics, trust me, where amazing. And then people went over with X-Box & PS2 for the next several years as far as the hardcore games were concerned (Aside from the Nintendo brand classics, of course... or the other games that had ALREADY come out). My history lesson may be right or wrong or misdirected, but this is all irrelevant.

THIS came out for Gamecube. And control aside - this was AMAZING. Several years after the now shitty looking RE on the original Playstation came out, this little JEWEL comes out...

And then after enjoying the amazing graphics (for the time) and feel... that still holds up, all of us held our breath for the reincarnation of a masterpiece...

This piece of art came out in 1998... and it made me shit rainbows for weeks. The title is responsible for me being with the girl I am with now (well, that and a blow up mattress - it's not how you visualize it, but thanks for the vote of confidence anyhow) and I'd be lying to you if I said I wasn't dreaming of it being re-released on Gamecube.

And it did... but only kinda. I had already been pleasured and spoiled by a title like Resident Evil for Gamecube. Eventually ZERO came out... but when it came time to deliver to me. Nothing.

Now, cut to 10 years later... (hint-hint... Ten Year anniversary Capcom-motherfuckers) - and I get, what? A re-release of Resident Evil 0?! For the Wii... Seriously?! What the fuck?!! What about the SH_game-of-all-SH_games?! (arguably of course)

I can see re-releasing this almost immediately on the Wii... you need something to hold you over. I get it.

EVEN I felt it was a waste of time, we already had it - just recently on Gamecube and it was EXCELLENT. Soo... I get it.

But where the hell is this?!

Even I would SQUINT and imagine I was playing RE2, just to survive the chills of good-graphics RE2 withdrawals.

Don't get me wrong, CAPCOM... I don't need it to be on the Wii.

Make mine a PS3 - Resident Evil 2... Oh My. I need to change my underwear. There's a leprechaun in my pants... and fried gold.   read

11:29 PM on 03.20.2008

PS3 MUSIC while you do "YOUR THING"


I've heard ENOUGH complaining about you being apparently UNABLE to listen to your MUSIC while you browse the PS3's system browser.

YES you can... while enjoying you music... press the PS logo button. Voila - you're back in the game. Browse your pictures away or do whatever it is you want to do. Maybe write a a letter.


- IM

Here, a video for your troubles.

Joy Division

that NEEDS to be in ROCK BAND, like... NOW.   read

10:39 PM on 03.13.2008

Watch this ONLY when and IF you're *HIGH*

Between now and tomorrow... there's me enjoying myself to some smoke and a nice downloaded AVI movie. But before I jump on the couch, let's sit down and talk about my soon to be here PS3 and of course - watch a couple of funny videos.

Enjoy this video, preferably if you smoked some dope or sucked on a crack glass pipe - BEHOLD: CARTOON ALL-STARS TO THE RESCUE! An old-school vid actually FUNNIER than those hilarious abovetheinfluence commercials.

With an Introduction by none other than George Bush Sr. and Barbara of course.

Aaaah... HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa - Epic. Goodtimes, goodtimes.

My pretty-pretty sexy girl of a PS3 is finally coming back to me. You see, she stopped playing my discs and since I couldn't get nice and comfy to watch a BLU-RAY movie with her. I had to send her into the shop - that was almost 2 weeks ago.

Tomorrow, after them sending me the box, me returning the box with the PS3 in it and them looking over the machine (if at all) etc etc... and then sending it - just tonight it arrived back here in LA. By tomorrow night, I am certain I will be rocking some ROCK BAND.

I assume it will be a different console. I don't know - I'll check the serial. But who cares, it's a clone of my baby sexy-back PS3. It's after all, not her body... it's the things she does for you.

If you ever want to know how long it takes to get your PS3 back from PCE it takes 2 weeks. Well, slightly less. From the day you call: 12 DAYS

Suck it dry.

Mmmmm, yes.   read

7:32 PM on 03.02.2008

Anybody Know This Game?! (Zombie Horror Arcade Shooter)

Alright guys, the time has come again for me to ask for your help... back in the klate 80s or early 90s, there was a game for the arcades.

It was a first person shooter, you know, with the gun? And in it was a city of the undead... zombies, I remember the one cinema while you weren't playing was you in an escalator, and in the distance they jump at you... you shoot at the zombie dogs jumping at you and the zombies as they get in front of you and you shoot them... sometimes they throw stuff at you, other wise they come at you.

Any ideas?

I wish I could post a video or image, but... I CANNOT remember what the name of the game might have been.

HELP!!!   read

4:03 PM on 01.29.2008

Word To Your Imaginary Nintendo War! (repost?)

I hope this is not some lame repost, but either way, I thought I'd share these with you, they're from - which is like, a way cooler funny picture blog because they write "Word Ups" to them... and that's pretty sweet.


these are a few from the first 6 pages... more there to enjoy.   read

11:38 AM on 01.23.2008


Behold the copy pasta:

Thoughts? Concerns? Questions? Any Burn Victims? I love my Wii, so... this was, for me, not as funny as The Onion usually is. I mean, there ARE some good games on the system. Albeit, yes, there are MANY games that are just plain FAUCK - that's FAIL & SUCK put together.   read

12:30 PM on 01.03.2008

LULZ - C'mon, who bought ANY of these?


This one is even WORSE!

It occurs to me, - What where they THINKING?! - Did any of you own any of these? I think when they came out I might have wanted some, in retrospect... I'm glad none where bought for me, I would have plummeted into depression.

Any other fugly game-related toys out there? Post them in the comments Please! I could sure use a laugh.



for your troubles, a GOOD version of Ms. Li:


11:31 AM on 12.14.2007

I was a Teenaged Would-Be White Van Speakers Scam Victim...

These days in gaming, a good sound system is key to truly experiencing the game. Those of you playing without a nifty set-up, ARE missing out on the true sweetness that is: Surround Sound OF SCIENCE. And there ARE many things to learn. But before you head over to a nifty learn-all website, learn ONE thing first: The White Van Speaker Scam. It's real and it is sweeping the nation.

Just last Monday I decided to take my lunch. This particular day lunch time ran a bit later than usual, today i took my break at around 3PM, no big deal. After wondering to myself just where I was going to eat this day, I decided to head over to my local fast food joint. I hadn't stepped but a few feet away from my car when some dude in the parking lot called out.

I could have sworn he needed directions.

"Hey man! How you doing? Listen! We just installed a home theatre system in this neighborhood and they gave us an extra 6.1 Surround System - it's Italian and special order only, since we got it for free we're just trying to get rid of it. This is our boss' car, so we can't take the system back with us, blah blah blah blah blah, we need to get going soon. Here let me show it to you. How much can you offer us? Blah blah blah blah."

The dude was incessant, before I even knew it he was already opening the box with MY keys, showing me the speakers - which where indeed NEW. The receiver, which has this cherry wood finish on the sides. And this being the season to be jolly, I could only imagine - oh man, I could totally hook this up to my system. Or, I could be the bigger man and give this to my step-dad as a Christmas present.

Notice the dumb-asses decided to PRINT a fake price on the box itself. Notice that the box has no real logos on it, but can support such advanced digital age like: DVD video, CD audio, DVD audio, DTS movies AND DIGITAL movies. Holy hell! This is ALL WIN!

The sales pitch is SO fast and unyielding, that you barely have a chance to even inspect the box. Much less debate against yourself if this brand even exists (it doesn't) - Since he did such an awesome job of it, 5 minutes later - I am driving to the ATM, with the box in my trunk no less, and they are following me so I can get $300 dollars out. My daily limit.

On the way there, I call up a buddy and ask him to get on the internets - NOW. Needless to say, the short drive to the ATM is cut even shorter, when I pull into a Chucky Cheese's parking lot and park, I get out of the car and start to remove the contents from my trunk. I don't want a Home Theatre system that doesn't exist.

Stolen goods? I'm apparently OK with. But crummy no-brand name speakers. No thanks. This is when he goes full-throttle with his sales pitch. And the price begins to reduce... next thing it's $200 - at this point the driver (there's two of them, and they both wear nifty matching "AUDIO whatever" shirts) starts to get upset. The box is open, I had said 300, they're running late.

At this point it's MY responsibility apparently, to make sure they SELL the item and to get them on their way before their boss suspects something.

Meanwhile, at this point I KNOW this is a BS system, I don't want to spend anywhere near $200 - in fact, my FIRST instinct, which was I DON'T NEED THIS is once again kicking in. What I NEED is to get me some damn lunch, and I HAVE to get back to work soon myself.

By the time we're talking about $100 it's plainly obvious they really don't think the box is worth what my dumb ass was first willing to pay. I figure, fine, on the way to the ATM I will think of a final reason why NOT to buy it. At this time, I get a text from my friend... which I won't read for another 5 minutes, it says: "It's a SCAM, don't buy them."

As I begin to pull out of the parking spot, since I imagine the $100 is worth it in speakers at least. Keep in mind, I still don't know it's a scam. I figure, this guys stole the goods. Which doesn't say much for me, but the guy was SO good at his pitch, I truly felt like I was getting a good deal.

This is when the COP pulls up behind us, and impedes our exit.

Shit. I am on my break, I have been gone for a good 30 minutes now. I am hungry, and now I am waiting here while the cop interrogates the dudes in their car and proceeds to get their IDs and what not. I am not spoken to until maybe 5 minutes later. Now I read the text my friend sent. Then MORE cops get there. My ID is now taken and my info is taken down.

In retrospect, I am the victim, so I am not in REAL trouble - but at the moment, all I can think is - shit, I'm probably buying stolen goods and the cops probably want my blood. God DAMN.

Long story short, and many a hilarious situations (well, at least NOW I can laugh about it) the cops tell me I can go. They keep the guys there and continue talking to them. I couldn't feel both LUCKIER or SHITTIER.

I just got PUNKED.

If you don't know what the White Van Speaker Scam is, please take a few moments to read the WIKI. Yes, there IS one. There is a collection of BLOGs on the internet, and most aren't as positive as mine, theirs are: "I Spent $200 On a Life Lesson" - or worse.

Many are on the eBay and Craigslist. It's ridiculous.

So, if you want true BANG for your buck, do a little bit of homework and remember: Sounds too good to be true? Then you may want to rethink it - No stranger will hit you up for a deal, when (s)he can hook up his friends/family first. Keep your cool under pressure (these guys are relentless) and just ignore them, they'll get over it. Trust me, they are in NO rush to go anywhere, though they may say the opposite - PLUS, it's not your responsibility in the first place.

Buy your speakers from a source you can trust - like we always do. And FIRST and foremost, EAT your lunch, no matter what - and THEN do business.


This post is for those of you that might have been unaware of such a scam.
Here is a video that I haven't HAD the chance to watch (site blocked at work) but it sounds promising. Let me know how it goes.   read

9:04 PM on 12.13.2007

Warning: Blasphemy NOW available on the Wii!

Passion of the Christ - Wii


Found this video while browsing the internets. Since you might find it in bad taste regarding YOUR faith inclinations - watch this at your own discretion. ALSO, I didn't make the video, so - that's that.   read

12:22 PM on 12.12.2007

Some People Just Don't Get It...

Aaaah... young love. Sucks most people don't appreciate this...


Jenna says: I
Jenna says: l
Jenna says: o
Jenna says: v
Jenna says: e
Jenna says: y
David says: C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!
Jenna says: what the **** is your problem?
Jenna says: why do you always do that?

- Also, a goodtimes image, for your troubles.


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