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PS3 MUSIC while you do "YOUR THING"

Ok... ENOUGH. I've heard ENOUGH complaining about you being apparently UNABLE to listen to your MUSIC while you browse the PS3's system browser. YES you can... while enjoying you music... press the PS logo button. Voila - y...


Watch this ONLY when and IF you're *HIGH*

Between now and tomorrow... there's me enjoying myself to some smoke and a nice downloaded AVI movie. But before I jump on the couch, let's sit down and talk about my soon to be here PS3 and of course - watch a couple of funn...


Word To Your Imaginary Nintendo War! (repost?)

I hope this is not some lame repost, but either way, I thought I'd share these with you, they're from http://wordtoyour.com - which is like, a way cooler funny picture blog because they write "Word Ups" to them... and that's pretty sweet. BEHOLD - these are a few from the first 6 pages... more there to enjoy.



Behold the copy pasta: Thoughts? Concerns? Questions? Any Burn Victims? I love my Wii, so... this was, for me, not as funny as The Onion usually is. I mean, there ARE some good games on the system. Albeit, yes, there are MANY games that are just plain FAUCK - that's FAIL & SUCK put together.


LULZ - C'mon, who bought ANY of these?

HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa This one is even WORSE! It occurs to me, - What where they THINKING?! - Did any of you own any of these? I think when they came out I might have wanted some, in retrospect... I'm glad none whe...


Warning: Blasphemy NOW available on the Wii!

Passion of the Christ - Wii Found this video while browsing the internets. Since you might find it in bad taste regarding YOUR faith inclinations - watch this at your own discretion. ALSO, I didn't make the video, so - that's that.


Some People Just Don't Get It...

http://qdb.us/81171 Aaaah... young love. Sucks most people don't appreciate this... COPY PASTA FOLLOWS --> Jenna says: I Jenna says: l Jenna says: o Jenna says: v Jenna says: e Jenna says: y David says: C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! Jenna says: what the **** is your problem? Jenna says: why do you always do that? - Also, a goodtimes image, for your troubles.


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