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imairlax avatar 7:53 PM on 04.09.2011  (server time)
the rhyming reviewer: tiny wings

surely now of many blogs mine cannot the worst
even though this post i'm making is to be my very first
what is needed out of me to make a blog stand out?
some way of showing dexterousness and a reviewer's clout

destructoid long has been a site i visit every day
so now to it i will give back in my own silly way
review i will the unreviewed, the refuse and the missed
rhyming merrily along, i think you get the gist

jim sterling i can't hope to be, and tara long i'm not
but for you, the reader, i will give it my best shot
today we will discuss a game that brings you joy in spades
but also brings frustration and a red in many shades

to the unsuspecting face of a touchscreen user who
tapped an unassuming icon in the app store, pity you
who didn't see it coming, its addictiveness is such
that you'll ramble like a hermit in an isolated hutch

"how many nests have you, my friend, how many islands seen?!
how many coins collected yet and fevers left to glean?!"
sliding is presented presented in a manner so unsoft,
for your wings are simply too small for the bird to stay aloft.

timing, she is everything, for you to have a chance
complexity concealed deep within a simple glance.
a race against a solar foe throws you in a mix
where the hardness widely varies (hey f*ck you, island six).

but all in all you cant ask more from such a casual game
and this one's earned its spot within the app store hall of fame.
tiny wings gets two thumbs up, be not afraid to buy
but addiction and frustration both will constantly be high

i hope you have enjoyed this post from deep within my brain
tiny wings is awesome but it may drive you insane
maybe next time a bad game i will take time to skewer
but for now goodbye my friends, love rhyming reviewer.

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