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9:29 AM on 10.24.2010

Killzone 2 made me like first person shooters again.

I was so tired of all the first person shooters out there and really didnt want to pick another one up. killzone two came out and it past me by and i didnt even glance at it. then a couple of weeks later a friend of mine was about to visit me and he really loves first person shooters so i went to the store looking for something to play together.

I brought the game home and poped it in waiting to just another shooter but the feel to it just blew me away. im a nitpicker when it comes to games and movies, and i can really hate small insignificant things about games that add to the whole feeling. this game really brought justice to all those small things i really hated in other shooters. im just going to focus on one thing and thats the feel of the soldier. its flawless.

this is one point i really hate in many games. you can never really feel the weight of the soldier, its just like he got the weight as a fiveyearold. but not in killzone two. you could really feel the weight of all that muscle and all that equipment. it was not that he was clumsy to move it just took some time getting used to and it made the game even better. the feel to the soldier also got   read

11:18 AM on 01.14.2010

Why did i really like it?: inFAMOUS

InFAMOUS is one of those games i just couldn't put down when i first bought it, and it has some ingredients that puts this among the really good games for me.

the feel.

i think "the feel" of a game is the most important thing to make a game good. "the feel" for me is a lot of things;

the speed of the camera is very important if the game is third person. that the sensitivity is precise and matches your characters movement. and in an actionpacked game like this you don't want your camera, in your most intense moment after you made a dodgeroll, just lets you see the inside of a wall while the badguys blasts you away.

personally i think that clumsy camerawork and character management is a real plus for games as silent hill where you are suppose to feel clumsy and panicy but not for games where your character is agile.

how the character moves and interacts with the environment is also important to get the right "feel" in a game. if it feels clumsy and unnatural you soon get aggravated. well, as with the camera this also depends on the game. if you have a free-roaming game you expect that the physics is great and when you blow up stuff debris will fly everywhere and that the gravity is realistic.

in a free-roaming game getting stuck on something that doesn't weigh anything like a wooden board, or a bucket can really piss me off but i don't give an event like that any thought in silent hill because that game is not about physics or movement.

"the feel" is also about if you can feel the physical status of your character, if he is agile, like cole, the weight of the character doesn't show or feel when you move him, but in a game like gears of war or battlefield bad company 2 you can really feel how big and badass your characters are because you can feel the weight of all that equipment when they move. when i played the bad company 2 beta i caught myself holding my breath and flexing all my muscles while sprinting because it felt so fucking heavy.

one game that failed miserably on this point is modern warfare 2. you can't feel your characters weight at all. only time the feel is right for characters in in mw2 is when you have your pistol and the moving fast perk and you can see the arms waving when you sprint. thats a good feel, almost got me out of breath.

so, "the feel" for me is basically about movement related stuff, but it has one thing that is crucial for the feel to be perfect and thats the "i buy it"-rule. the "i buy it"-rule is that whatever happens in the game, if cole eat thunder and crap lightning or how the story of the game unfolds, what ever it is, i must buy it.

many games fail at this storywise, i just cant buy that this or that character just made the decision he just did. why would he do that? it just doesn't make any sense?! and stuff like that can really ruin a game for me.

the game.

inFAMOUS really pulls all of these things off. it has a very good feel to it and even if you have a choice to make in the story, to be true to the dark selfish side or if you choose the path of a hero, the choices given to you are great because you really have to think them trough because you buy both of them.

for example, you enter a park to turn a valve preventing poison to enter the citys water supply. you have turned one before and the poison sprayed all over you making you dizzy and weaker, so why would you want that to happen again? so either you turn the valve yourself to prevent anyone else from getting harmed or you grill a bum with lightning until he does it for you, whats the harm in that? he will die anyway because there is no food on the island so i'm doing him a favor, right? like a mercyshot? as i said before, i buy both options.

as for the movement, it's just perfect for me. when i popped the game in for the first time and took the controller in my hands, my fingers were already fluid in speaking inFAMOUS. everything i said before about cameraspeed, character movement and interactions etc were just all there. the feel was great.

i love comics. i love the heroes, i love how the villains always tell the hero about their masterplan, i love the often so corny background-stories about how the hero got his or her powers. thats why i loved the story in inFAMOUS and how it evolved around the decisions you made. i don't want to spoil anything but if you like comics you will like the story, the presentation and graphic design of the cut-scenes.

the action in the game is just great. many types of attacks and stunt moves to pull of and you look badass doing them all. one thing thats bad tho is the not so existing variety of enemies. i think many games draw blanks on this. when you have met the same enemy for the 100th time its not very fun, just an obstacle to get past, and that pulls this game down a little.

i have played this through three times, were the two first times were just right after each other, playing first as inFAMOUS and then just simple FAMOUS. the third time after six months, and i must say it was a game to come back to. still as fun the third time after forgetting much of the game as the first time i played it.

[embed]160517:26551[/embed]   read

1:47 AM on 01.13.2010


sat up last night to find intel in modern warfare 2. thats all i have left in the game to pick up all 45 intel computers. (how much did IW get from intel for showing INTEL every loadingscreen?). After i pick up the 45th computer im turning the game of and im never going to start it again. the multiplayer WAS good. not any more. after reaching prestige its impossible. when you get put into a server i always end up with people that prestiged like five times wich puts me right in the bottom of the list every time. dont get me wrong, im not a very bad player, my kill/death ratio is still over 1, but not for long. before i prestiged i won like 7 out of 10 matches, but now i am in the last three positions all the time. not fun at all, so im gonna put it in the shelf and go back to play nazi-zombies with my brother and frinds until battlefield bad company 2 comes out.   read

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