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ilovepancakes's blog

9:29 AM on 10.24.2010

Killzone 2 made me like first person shooters again.

I was so tired of all the first person shooters out there and really didnt want to pick another one up. killzone two came out and it past me by and i didnt even glance at it. then a couple of weeks later a friend of mine wa...   read

11:18 AM on 01.14.2010

Why did i really like it?: inFAMOUS

InFAMOUS is one of those games i just couldn't put down when i first bought it, and it has some ingredients that puts this among the really good games for me. the feel. i think "the feel" of a game is the most important ...   read

1:47 AM on 01.13.2010


sat up last night to find intel in modern warfare 2. thats all i have left in the game to pick up all 45 intel computers. (how much did IW get from intel for showing INTEL every loadingscreen?). After i pick up the 45th compu...   read

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