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ikiryou's blog

3 hour ago - 8:12 AM on 10.08.2015

I really wish MGO had been implemented with free-roam gameplay PMC (clan) setup instead of the standard matchmaking. Imagine roaming bands of PMC's opposing each other on the battlefield. How sexy would that be?


9:42 AM on 10.06.2015

Went to play MGSV, got prompted to download the MGO data; it's not on the PS Store yet. Or maybe it's Kojima-san's way of telling me it's not the real MGO data, but is instead a janitor who once protected me from a puddle of pee and now wears my face.


11:58 AM on 10.01.2015

Results: Failed FOB training infiltration Master Miller: Are you hurt? Maybe try a little harder next time... Me: Maybe you should try a little harder to not get captured and lose body parts Master Miller: ...... Me: What? Too soon?


10:56 AM on 10.01.2015

FOB infiltration with absolute stealth is several magnitudes more difficult than a Total Stealth mission in MGSV. Four people have tried cracking my FOB and failed. I've had the same luck when retaliating on their bases as well.


2:13 PM on 09.30.2015

I just hit a sheep in my jeep on my way to retrieve a film cannister in a MGSV side op and I'm mortified <_>


12:38 PM on 09.25.2015

MGSV needs a scent emulator, esp. when Snake hasn't showered after five hours worth of missions.


10:11 AM on 09.25.2015

Having Quiet stare at me while 'Friday I'm In Love' plays is only mildly creepy.


7:14 AM on 09.25.2015

Superderpy Metal Gear Sahelanthropus has Hobby Link Japan has a figure: [img][/img] [url][/url]


11:38 AM on 09.24.2015

Just did a quick and successful FOB intrusion and it was about five minutes of crawling up pipes and not seeing a single defender. Pretty underwhelming, actually.


11:20 AM on 09.22.2015

Re: the Code Talker mission in MGSV(still). I defeated the Skull girls, Fultoned all the enemies, secured the 'base', destroyed the comm equip and now *post-cutscene* it's magically back up+fresh enemies on alert.


9:31 AM on 09.22.2015

crawling through the marshes singing along to 'Snake Eater' while avoiding the Mist snipers...


8:42 AM on 09.22.2015

I'm playing MGSV, just hit the Code Talker mission, and am switching to at least one lethal primary weapon option. It's kind of sad because I really wanted to get thru MGSV w/o killing anyone on purpose.


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