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iconstyle's blog

3:12 AM on 06.02.2010

"Beat Hazard Makes me Nauseous...

...or Beat Hazard vs. Audiosurf Part 2." Let's get straight to it. In the last post I said Beat Hazard is barely designed at all. Think of this as a more organized breakdown on that topic. It's About High Scores Baby! For...   read

3:25 AM on 05.04.2010

Beat Hazard vs. Audiosurf part 1

Recently I purchased Beat Hazard on Steam. The demo gave me a taste, enough to wet my interest. With a little nudging a succumbed. It's only 10 bucks right? The game will inevitably draw comparisons to Audiosurf, another 10 ...   read

12:44 AM on 04.22.2010

Hey Listen! Playtesters Needed!

I am currently making a retro style hardcore shooter and I need some playtesters willing to test out various elements. In order to make the very best game I can I'll be needed playtesters to test out the basic game mechanics...   read

12:19 AM on 04.20.2010

Prototype IS Ultimate Spider-Man

Actually, this post should be title Prototype is Ultimate Spider-Man. Part 2. More specifically, Prototype is a continuation of the Venom Sections of Ultimate Spider-Man. There are so many undeniable similarities. The S...   read

1:36 AM on 03.22.2010

Patchwork Heroes: Impressions

So Patchwork Heroes was released recently. I remember hearing a small tid bit about it a while ago then it fell of my radar. So today, in my search for games I came across the PSN demo for this quirky little game. I ended up...   read

3:16 AM on 03.20.2010

DevLog: gorehounds newest version now available

DOWNLOAD HERE: Hardcore retro shooter. For Windows Xp and Higher. Enjoy, and please leave feedback! goRe houNDs is a personal project I've been working on for a while. I mentioned previ...   read

9:21 AM on 03.17.2010

DevLog: evolving a concept

So I'm currently working on a little indie shooter I'm calling goRe houNds. Right now its following the path of a minimalistic, retro, arcade style shooter. And it involves zombies... Oh, of course, zombies! That hasn't been...   read

9:41 AM on 03.12.2010

Something about Sex: why beat-em ups are sex in digital form

You see what people donít realize is that beat-em ups are more than just a dying genre, they are the most many games, the videogame equivalent of sex. If we all realized this sooner, Iím sure it wouldnít be a dead genre. The ...   read

6:13 AM on 03.10.2010

Devlog: a question to you Dtoiders.

I would like some quick opinions from you faithful Dtoiders. I am thinking of writing blog entries which shall consist of stories relating to game design and my own experiences creating games, as well as updates on the status...   read

4:39 AM on 02.16.2010

yo! introduction!

I'm a newbie here so i figure introductions are in order. The name's iconstyle, though sometimes i work under the alias of "cigarettes". That said lemme hit you with a few quick facts 'bout myself: -i dont capitilize my "i"...   read

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