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4:15 AM on 05.07.2009

Five Word Reviews

Working on your own terms definitely has its moments. One of which is being able to play games ANYTIME you want. So lately, I've been chain-combo-ing nothing but working and playing games during my free time. (With the occasional drinking of the alcohol and the hiking of the hills.)

So in honor of the Webbys speeches, here are four, five word reviews of the games that I've completed recently.

Grand Theft Auto 4 - Niko: huggable but deadly. Epic.

Persona 4 - Worth 100 hours of play.

Valkyria Chronicles - Beautiful, emotional, awesome. Buy it.

World of Goo - Perfect game for taking breaks.

All the games mentioned are definitely worth picking up, if you haven't played them already. I'm still going through a bunch of backlogged games I've been meaning to finish. Here's a few that I plan on enjoying in the next few months:

- Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal
- Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
- MGS3
- MGS4
- Bioshock
- Lost Odyssey

Yeah, I know... I don't know what the hell I've been doing NOT playing these games.   read

8:09 PM on 02.08.2009


Just wanted to post some pictures from the NYCC and the NYC DTOID NARP. We first started at Comicon.

Definitely some cool costumes were there.

And some hot ones.

Saw some troopers in love as well.

Also saw some Mad World in action.

MOAR blood pls.

Then the group headed to Chinatown Fair

where this guy dominated in SF4 with Dhalsim.

Also this guy was nuts on DDR, but was pole raping.

Korean foodz was then had. And enjoyed. Some reactions.

Then we all had a giant orgy in our private Karaoke room.

Epic night. Great to meet everyone. It was orgasmic.


11:58 AM on 02.05.2009

I'm in the Times! (NVGR)

So yeah, of course take the picture just as I was blinking/squinting. Perfect.

I'm in the New York Times Thursday Style Section! W00t! Here's the link to the article. The article has nothing
to do with video games or me making a billion dollars. :(

Also the picture above also proves that I have black friends.   read

5:46 AM on 02.03.2009

Tough Choice: Persona 4 Makes Me Feel Like Eric Stoltz

Tough Choice: Persona 4 - Chie Satonaka or Yukiko Amagi?

"Tough Choice" is a series of blog entries that I've been thinking about ever since I started playing Persona 4. I knew from the start that I had to make a decision and it wasn't going to be easy. I knew that I had to make a choice for which girl I wanted to have that "serious relationship" with in Persona 4. And for me it essentially boiled down to Chie Satonaka or Yukiko Amagi. All the other girls were way too annoying/young (I'm talking to you Ayane).

I believe I'm about halfway through the game so the decision needs made fairly quickly, so let's get to it!

Chie Satonaka is your tomboy-chick who loves Martial Arts movies and likes to eat street food. She discovers her persona by using a "facade to face life's hardships"(awesome) to get over her overcompensating know-it-all nature. Through this, you discover that she does have a feminine side and is the reason why she's such good friends with Yukiko.

Yukiko Amagi is heir of a distinguished Inn of the city that your character is in. She is very proper and well mannered. She's obviously the beauty of the school and is somewhat unreachable because of her fancy-pants status. Yukiko has probably been pampered all of her life, but she's just waiting to break loose to discover her own personality. This is once again displayed by the fact that her "facade to face life's hardships" was a bit of a slut.

Meanwhile you have to make a choice between the two. Between the tomboy and school princess. Sound familiar? Yep. It's frickin' Some Kind of Wonderful. The awesome 80's movie with Eric Stoltz, Mary Stuart Masterson and Lea Thompson.

If you were able to traipse into Chie's house, you would so find her drumming along to a drum set with headphones on with Martial Arts movies playing in the background with posters of Bruce Lee on her wall. Herein lies my dilemma. I really LIKE Chie. I think she's cute, I really like the fact that she loves Martial Arts movies and the way she enjoys street food is actually a quality that I appreciate in people IRL. If it wasn't for Yukiko Amanda Jones, I would so be all over Chie. If it wasn't for the fact that Yukiko's demeanor reminds me of the chick in Densha Otoko. Not Hermes from the movie, but rather the drama, more specifically, Ito Misaki's portrayal. Confused? Lost? Let me explain.

Briefly, Densha Otoko is a true story about an ultra-mega Otaku that saves a hot girl(Hermes) from some on-train gropage. They're opposites, but they fall in LURVE. She's hot; he's geeky. The best part about the story for me was about how she completely accepted the main character's interests and hobbies and wants to be involved with them. She even decides to cosplay(in the drama). I can SO imagine Yukiko doing this.

The fact that her inner persona is kinda slutty is a big plus as well. :)

I know what you might be thinking. Just have an optimal save point and play both routes. Sure, sure. I can do that and I will most likely be doing just that. But this decision is mainly for the FIRST playthrough of the game, which is what will most likely remain in my memory.

Damn, the decision of whether to let the Little Sisters in Bioshock live or die wasn't half as hard as this.

So far I'm leaning heavily for Yukiko. She's wouldn't normally be my type in these scenarios, but the points that I listed above combined with the fact that she seems more "right" for protagonist in P4 makes it seem right. But trust me, I will be looking forward that moment with Chie Watts as well.   read

8:23 PM on 02.01.2009

10 Things You Didn't Know About iconSam

Shiyet, that almost sounds like a horrible sitcom... even if I somewhat like HIMYM.

So who the frak is iconSam anyway right? Well I thought this would be a great way to have an introductory post on the cblogs. I've been spending a lot of time in the basement but I equally love the cblogs. Lovin' the DTOID community so here goes.

1. "iconSam" was a nickname given by my brother because I used to make icons for cash when I was in college. Not the most original nickname but it's something that got picked up in the icon community back in the day.

2. Relating to interesting fact #1, my icons were published in 2 Japanese Mac magazines. I also got an honorable mention for Iconfactory's pixelpalooza competition. The icon set was a Ko-gal icon set that had a whole bunch of Tamagotchi icons.

3. Korean but from the Philippines. 100% Korean buy grew up in the Philippines. Which was awesome. Growing up in Asia is one thing, but growing up in the Philippines honestly opened my eyes to all the cultures while I was growing up. Most importantly to all the different cuisines. This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why I love to cook.

4. I am married to someone I met when I was in the 3rd Grade. Thankfully, she turned out to be a hot asian chick. *whew*! If you want to read more about it, you're free to check out my ultra-sappy wedding site.

5. There have been two instances in my life where I have landed on my feet and it has saved my life. Let me explain. First instance was when I was about 11 and I was climbing a huge tree with my friends. One of the branches beneath my feet snapped and I must have fell around 20 feet as I was closer to the top of a very very large tree. I tumbled through the branches doing about 2 flips along the way. However when I landed on the sidewalk, I landed with an Olympic style 10.0 stick with both feet. I could have raised my hands and it would have been glorious. But mostly, I was happy to be alive.

Second instance was when I was riding my bike (Hutch BMX, btw - this was when RAD the movie was awesome) and my rear brakes gave way and wouldn't work. Stupid me jammed on the front brakes which
ejected me from the bike. My hand were still on the handles but my entire body flew off forward. And again, I landed with my feet first and was able to stop myself. This was of course right before the hill that I was on edged off into a somewhat deep crevasse. So yes. I'm apparently part cat.

- Now on to video game related facts -

6. The first RPG I played from beginning to end was Final Fantasy 2 for the SNES. It completely blew my mind. I cried when Palom and Porom performed their sacrifice. I fell in love with Cecil and Rose's Love Theme. And Kain was the ultimate badass.

7. My mom can destroy me in BomberMan and BomberMan 2. She still plays everday. Waiting for the time I visit home again so she can wipe me off the floor with ninja timed bombs that skeet across the floor and explode right in your face.

8. I had a real life street fight in front a Street Fighter 2 arcade machine. Long story short. I was kicking his ass and he got really pissed, he told me to defend myself, I kicked him in the jaw, he almost passed out and cops stopped us.

9. One of my fondest gaming memories with my brothers was when we all spent Christmas together in a college apartment freezing our asses off playing Half-Life for the first time. Taking turns and finishing the game.

10. I still want to be a video game director. Even tho I'm an art director with a CS degree, my ultimate dream would be to direct a game. *sigh*   read

3:14 PM on 01.08.2009

Why does selling my games at Gamestop make me feel like a dirty whore?

Went to Gamestop today and sold some games that I've finished and haven't been playing. But selling my shit at Gamestop always leaves me the feeling two things: 1) that I'm lazy and 2) that I got shafted. Lazy because some of these games have been sitting on my shelf for a good year. I could have easily decided that I would never play these games ever again and decided to move them quick. Shafted because well... you'll see.

Here's what I brought over to sell and what I got for them:

- Mario Hoops 3 on 3 ($9)
- Pokemon Diamond ($10)

- Rockstar Games Table Tennis ($8)

- Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 ($3)
- Prince of Persia Limited Edition ($18)
- Guitar Hero 2 ($5)
- GRAW ($3)
- GRAW2 ($4)

When I got my store credit, it left me thinking; had I put in more effort and auctioned some of these games on ebay, could I have gotten more for them? If so, how much is the effort worth when going through all of that crap? (i.e. taking pictures, writing up the description, etc.)

I definitely think I could have gotten more than $4 for Ghost Recon 2. But in the same vein I don't know if I could even sell Rockstar's Table Tennis for $8 on ebay. What do you think? Is it worth the hassle? Would you sell your copy of Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 for $3?

Mind bottling.

So in order to make me feel less like a Gamestop whore, I used my trade in cash to get myself a copy of Uncharted for my new PS3. :)   read

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