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Even though this is a bit late, I just wanted to do a brief recap of last Fridayís Gears of War 2 event. For those of you that donít know what I am talking about, check out Grimís original post here.

When the event started, several Dtoiders (vlambo and power glove) and myself split off from the main lobby and hosted another room which filled up quickly. I only ended up playing two matches with that group, but the friend requests and random messages continued and I decided to branch off and host another room. This lobby also filled quickly and I spent the remainder of the event in that lobby.

The first couple of matches were a little rocky and certain individuals were being disruptive (to put it mildly), but once the riffraff left the room the rest of the night was rather enjoyable. My group played through a variety of game types throughout the night and most of matches were pretty exciting. We played a few Execution games on Avalanche and Gridlock which ended with close scores. After a few Execution matches, we decided to try Annex on Jacinto and then King of the Hill on River, both of which were really tight matches. We also learned that I am the worst Wingman partner on the planet. Some other highlights include an epic match of Submission on Canals that went back and forth for nearly 25 minutes and could have gone either way. Overall, it was a really memorable night and it was a lot of fun. I am sure some of the other hosts have great stories as well.

In closing, I just want to thank everyone who joined us for the event and I want to also apologize to those who couldnít get into the event. The number of friend request I received prior to the event was staggering (in fact, I am still getting random friend requests), so I am sorry if you didnít get a chance to play. Also, I want to give a special thanks to all of the Dtoiders that were in my lobby. And lastly, I want to thanks Grim for letting me be involved and help out.

One last note, with the new Title Update being released today, hopefully people will have a renewed interest in Gears 2. I have been playing Gears 2 over the passed few days with some of the people from the event, but I am always looking for people to play with. So if you are interesting in playing a few rounds, send me a friend request and just let me know you are from Destructoid.
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