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After reading Necros’s post about getting involved more with the community, I decided that I would at least make an effort this year to post on the Cblogs. In the past, I have been reluctant to post anything, mostly because I wasn’t sure if I could post regularly due to my busy schedule. Be that as it may, I think I should give it a try and obviously the best way to start is to introduce myself.

I have been playing video game for as long as I can remember. In terms of older systems, I own a NES, Genesis, and a Gameboy, although for a long time I was predominately a PC gamer. It was only with the release of the newest generation of console systems that I started to focus more on console gaming. Presently, I own an Xbox 360, a Wii, and a DS, with the Xbox being the most used system, although I still tend to do a fair amount of PC gaming.

I enjoy all different types of genres from first person shooters to platforming games to RPGs. Some of my favorite games include (in no particular order): Golden Sun, Prince of Persia: SoT, Diablo, Counter Strike, and of course Kid Icarus. I also posted some of the games I am playing now, or plan to, on the sidebar just so you can get a sense of what kinds of games I am currently into.

I have been reading Destructoid since late 2006, when GamePolitics linked an interview that Niero did with Jack Thompson. I always liked how involved the editors are with the community and how they try to interact with the readers like with FNF and the forums. Like I said earlier I have a pretty busy schedule, but hopefully I can find the time to post once and a while. I am planning on writing an article for this month’s Monthly Musings, so if all goes well I should have that posted soon.

One last thing I should mention is that I apologize for my horrendous looking banner, which is the result of my complete lack of artistic ability and a failed attempt to use GIMP. I will try to work on something a little nicer in the near future.

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