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iateyourhorse avatar 11:09 AM on 01.29.2008  (server time)
[SPOILERS]: Mother/Earthbound series content in Brawl is huge and I'm h a p p y

*Changed the title because of fear of repost spam, this is a blog about me basically throwing cheer around like a 5 year old with excitement at the inclusion of more content from the mother series, not a repost of confirmed characters*

Thanks to the amount of leakage that has gone on through the day and the last 2 weeks, I'm super super SUPER excited for Super Smash Brothers Brawl and will definitely purchase the Wii console upon its PAL release. But why exactly do I want to purchase SSSB?, well unlike the other games in the SSB series it features so much, too much of my favorite Nintendo series, Mother/Earthbound.

It all started with Lucas, for those who followed the cascade when we read this upon Sakurai's publishing of the Lucas article showing off his move list:

"There’s a character named Ness who has appeared in the Smash Bros. series up until now, and Lucas is very similar. They are from the same family of PK users."

Do you remember,
The rage?
The despair?
The upset?

And then, it came, the trailer that demoed features of the game. The stickers?, and who can use them?... who was next to Lucas!? NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS

It was amazing that he was confirmed!, and today's leak they shown off cutscenes of Ness in the actual game!

But...who else?
What followed the final confirmation of Ness?, heres a clue!
He is greedy and rides a giant spider mech.


Holy fucking shit!, a boss battle with one of the best characters in Nintendo history!

But that isn't all!, we've got stickers of course related to the series such as Kumatora and Claus and a Jeff assist trophy (Credits to SWPM's blog) and possible more things to unlock!, I hope for a Giygas/Giegue/Gigu boss battle SO much!, in either form!

Hopefully the inclusion of so much items related to the Mother universe will finally give attention to the stubborn Nintendo that Mother will do well over the States if they gave it a chance. (let alone Europe, but hey I'm glad if I ever get my hands on more official English language material.) The same goes to Fire Emblem too.

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