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Anyone pick this up yet? I'm thinking about getting it thurs.

Alright so I got bored surfing the internet so I decided to look at EB Games and see what games are coming out on the Wii this weekend that Destructoid hasn't really said anything about. So anyway I'm going through EB Games's site when I'm like WTF!? I click the link Wii: Balls Of Fury and this comes up for the box cover.

What? Sega DreamCast Millionaire game as the box art of Balls of Fury.

Well after finding that I looked around to see it EB messed up again. And yup they did.

Bust a Move as the box art of Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire.

Manhunt 2 as ReVolt (WTF?!)

EB Games has some idiots working for them.
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Alright so my first blog header for the God of War: BETRAYAL contest sucked cock so I went for a second attempt at another one. This one I was just goofing around with paint.

My sad attempt at making a God of War Community Blog Header for the God of War: Betrayal blogging contest to win that PSTRIPLE.

Final Fantasy: Destructoid Edition

The story begins with two friends CTZ and Dyson who are pumped up for the Final Fantasy Party since they have followed the series and love it dearly. They both arrive at the party to be extremely disappointed. They leave the party with some swag, deciding that they are going to put it up on Destructoid for their loyal fans. But just before they can finish their thoughts they come across two crystals. They each grab one and bring it back to destructoid head quarters just for the hell of it.

Meanwhile Neiro and Ron are in a bar drunk off their asses each taking turns to wear the destructoid helmet. We’ll after Ron hits on a few gay guys Neiro drags him outta there before he ends up in a gay porno. While walking down the urban streets Ron runs into the street histarically causing cars to swerve out of the way. Neiro goes and rescues his ass again. But while they were walking off the road they realize two crystals stuck in the drain pipe. They snag umm well pretty much cause I guess they must have looked cool while they were hammered. They make their way back to the Destructoid head quarters.

All of them wake up the next morning. CTZ and Dyson show Ron and Niero the crystals they found when both Ron and Neiro also pull out identical crystals. They realize that they were chosen to save the world from a evil force. Then they realized the evil force they must defeat the crazy Nintendo fanboys and their pokemons. They all look at each other and say mann I hate those fucking pokemans!! What will happen to these four destructoid warriors chosen to fight the evil fanboys, will they succeed or will the pokemans kill them all?

sry about not posting it here CTZ my bad.

oh I really know nothing about Final Fantasy so tell meh what you think.