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iDano84 avatar 1:34 AM on 03.08.2008  (server time)
Not my turning point gaming Rig: Do Not Want

Greetings out there once again Dtoid Nation..

Hope all is well and you are having fun with the Ďgamezí. I wanna start out by saying sorry that my Game Development series has been put on hold, I went a while without a PC when my ole faithful finally became not so faithful anymore. However, Iím back in action with a brand new rig, and I am actually working on something pretty epic that a lot of you will enjoy.

On to the point, time to show off my rig:

I know, cable management is needed

Antec 900 Gaming Case
Asus Maximus Formula (x38) Motherboard
2x2GB A-Data DDR2 Ė 800 Ram
Intel Q6600 Quad Core 2.4Ghz
EVGA nVidia 8800GTS (G92) 512mb
SataII 250Gb HD

Now, Iím sure most of you regulars here on D-toid are saying ĎYou douche, this contest isnít for you!!!!11!!11!111!!í. You are correct, it isnít. The most intensive game I play on the PC is WOW, and I was hoping the 8800 would handle some 3d modeling, unfortunatly it doesnít do very well. Anyway, chances are, this computer really isnít for you either. I do have an alternative solution if I were for some reason to be selected however. and itís staff has became very well known over the past few years. Iím a substitute teacher in a small town HighSchool in Kentucky, and I have heard before students mentioning to their friends (cashwhore and Friday Night Fights specifically. Thank god Ive never ran into a student in a game.. Why not have the Dtoid staff Autograph this rig and Auction it off on Ebay, then donate the proceeds to Childís Play. Iím sure someone out there somewhere would see a one-of-a-kind Turning Point Gaming PC signed by the Dtoid staff as priceless.

Anyway, thatís my thoughts on it. Having a rig like I do, my selection chance is slim to none. However, if Niero and the gang for some chance get soo drunk they just do an ĎAny, Many, Miny, Moeí who knows. Hope you all are having an awesome weekend. Looks as if I will be snowed in for the next 24-48 hours, awesome! I will probably spend a lot of time on COD4 or maybe TF2 if Iím not sucked into the World of Warcraft for some (finally) lvl 70 Greatness.

As always, have a great day..

And Happy Gaming!

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