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A week a go a I canceled my xbox live because they charged my credit card a year subscription when i did not want them to. Thanks to that my credit card got an overdraft fee because i only had a $7 dollars on my account so thats why i had to cancel it. They told me that they would refund my money into my credit card and the bank told that if i received the refund they would not charge me an overdraft.

So yesterday i received an email saying that my account has been changed from a year subscription to a monthly subscription. I called them today and told them to that i wanted my refund of the monthly subscription and to cancel the whole thing that way i would not receive an overdraft. The guy told that no they can't refund me the money since its a monthly fee.

This is what they did:
3/28/2008 XBL Charged me for renewal $53.99
3/31/2008 bank Overdraft $27.00
3/31/2008 refund bank Overdraft $27.00
3/31/2008 XBL Refund $44.91

The Refund that they gave me had the monthly taken out already so I had to go to the bank and deposit some money into my account just so i would not get an overdraft. If any of you have canceled an account on xbox live make sure that the account is still canceled because, if it is gold that means you are still getting charged. Just like yesterday i told my friend that his old account that he does not use was still gold even though he had already canceled it.