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hushlorentz avatar 9:11 PM on 04.04.2012  (server time)
10 Things You Always Wished You Knew About Hushlorentz And Finally Can!

You know the drill! Also if you don't feel like reading my mouth-words, there are some TL;DR accompanying pictures!

I surprised myself by taking my own picture!

10. Things I've done
I try to do things! Currently I'm working with a friend on starting a game company. We have one game released so far and hope to have another two finished by the end of the year. We're targeting iOS/PC and probably Mac. Also anything else cheap to develop for. I also play the guitar and am currently playing with a really low-key acoustic band. We play a gig once a month at a local bar for $100 each and free beer which is usually pretty fun. I've also made some progressive rock with a friend and some electronic music by myself. Presently, I'm starting to write some doom/drone stuff that I'll probably record and maybe put online some year.

I use this to make music.

9. Music
I likes me some metal. Almost everything I listen to comes from Europe, especially Scandinavia. There are of course exceptions and I like a handful of North American bands, but for the most part I have to look off-continent. My favorite genre would be black metal and its closest relative viking/folk but I like a lot of bands from many different genres. At the risk of playing the hipster card, I'd say the more well-known a band, the less I'm likely to listen to them. You all know people like that right? I'm not sure what it is, I like to think it's due to my stance on soulless corporations trying to turn music into the perfect product. Give me four guys recording on a tape deck playing what's in their hearts any day. I also go through phases where I listen almost exclusively to electronic music as a kind of palate cleanser, I guess.

I like music that has album covers like this.

8. New York Mets
Baseball! Wait what? Indeed! I watch the shit out of baseball. I know it's somewhat frowned upon in nerd circles to admit you like sports, but yeah I like sports. I'm so fucking sick of seeing the same shit on tv and in movies that sports offer the nice "huh, never saw that before" moments I crave. Unfortunately my favorite squadron is the NY Mets which is weird because I live in Canada. I say unfortunately because they're probably going to be one of the worst teams in baseball this year. Opening Day tomorrow!

I think this picture is awesome. Your mileage may vary!

7. Sci-Fi
For the most part movies and television makes me barf, but there are exceptions! I'm a huge fan of low-budget sci-fi as those tend to have interesting ideas and characters. I love stuff from the 70s and 80s, but I'm not opposed to watching new movies as long as the CGI is kept to a minimum. Anime is a weird one. I've liked most of what I've seen, but I never think to seek it out. Some recent movies I've liked a lot are Primer and Moon.

Couldn't think of a good picture for this and this blog probably has enough already. Just imagine a spaceship!

6. Honesty
What a weird subtitle, what does it mean? To me it's producing something you yourself would find value in. Over the last few years there has been so much bullshit in this industry we all love but, at the risk of being the eternal optimist, it seems like it's slowly turning around. I know the latest rumours on the new consoles has been mostly garbage and our friends at EA and Activision continue to urinate on the hand that feeds but new opportunities are emerging! Due to social media connecting everyone's opinions, companies are being wrenched from behind their iron curtains and consumers are getting a pretty big voice - even dictating which games they want to see created. This kind of got off on a tangent and I'm not really sure where I was going in the first place, so I'm going to stop here. Basically, I only deal with companies who share my own beliefs.

I approve of this man's choices.

5. Tv
As I've already said a few times, I hate tv. A lot of the other 10 Things Blogs have already said most of what I feel so I'll keep it short. I hate tv because: commercials. Fuck. Nothing makes me rage more than someone pretending to be your friend just to sell you something. I used to laugh at advertizer's portrayal of the common human being, but in recent years it has moved to an intense loathing. All of my media now comes from the interwebs: let's plays, youtube subscriptions,, torrents, podcasts, whatevah. However, the rest of the 10 Things Blogs are correct, Breaking Bad is the best show ever. I also only get my news from those I choose to follow on Twitter. All news is biased, so I keep the bias in line with my own.


4. Family
I have one girlfriend, two cats and no children. Children are not something I'm compatible with for long periods. I have no quarrel with them and I like spending time with my cousin's kids, but as a full time job - man, that seems like a lot of work. I would like to get a dog one day. My family never had one when I was growing up, so I don't know anything about them. I'm also fairly quiet and reserved, so if I get an asshole dog, it's going to be in charge and I don't think that's a good situation for any of us. We currently live in an apartment, so a dog isn't an option right now anyway. We've been together for a long time with no real plans for marriage. Yep, we're THOSE people! :D

They all hang out in the bathtub whynot?

3. School
I really enjoyed going through university and took a longass time doing it. I ended up with a computer science degree and half a physics degree. I started out in physics and later switched to CS when it became apparent there was no future in sitting around thinking about time, quantum foam, gravity and other theoretical stuff. I've always idolized ye olde scientists who sat by lamplight at a table in the wee hours plotting star charts and developing calculus. These days, unless you're researching a battery with a longer life, you're an asshole. I'm also much better at programming computers than seeing patterns in data, so it was the better choice in the end. One day, if I have tons of money, I'd like to finish the physics degree, figure out exactly what time and gravity are and tell you all about it.

My homey.

2. Stephen King
I used to read books. I used to. Most of my summers in high school were spent reading Tolkien and Stephen King. I was the dork who read novels on the school bus and all that jazz. My favorite series was Stephen King's The Dark Tower. So amazing! Every book he wrote took longer and longer for him to finish and they were getting better each time. After the end of book four, I was the most hype a white nerd kid can be. It took him 10 years to write the fifth and it was bad. Then books six and seven were announced for release the very next year wtf. Six was the worst of all and the seventh and final book wasn't much better. I joked at the time that Stephen King ruined all books for me, but it's eight years later and I have read maybe one or two books. So yeah, Stephen King killed books for me.


1. Dtoid
I used to avoid Dtoid because Jim Sterling was fighting with some people on the internet and the only news I got was how terrible people on this site were. Then somehow I found out about Backlog and started hanging out with Conrad every night watching him play old games and the people were not terrible. From there I started to read the articles and got to know the contributors and eventually found the cBlogs. Today Jim Sterling is one of my favorite people and my Twitter is full of awesome Dtoid people who actually write back when I spout inane bullshit at them. <3 After 18 or so years of internetting, it is the only place I call home. My Megaton! I hope to meet you one day at one of the various PAXseses!

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