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Why I love Destructoid. Reason #90872

There are moments in life, where one it is a good time to be a gamer. Now is not the time, due to the economy and all these amazing games crammed into the holiday season. But it is a good time for me, as I just received a PSP...


Game Of The Year.

This is the game I like to dedicate to Hamza, Reaprar, Mr. Sadistic, and Heretic. It shows my feelings towards them in a very professional manner, and it shows them I really care for the their well-being. /quickblog Also,


You Has Fighting in My Castlevania Wii

Well it appears according to go nintendo, there seems to be a castlevania fighting game for the wii on its way. So who has a fail related picture for me? EDIT: I realized that covah has a blog about it. But I included additional information :]


Circuit City $8.99 sale.

Article Taken Partially by Kotaku. PS3: Icon, NBA Street Homecourt, College Hoops 2007 PS2: Godhand, Lumines Plus, Onimusha Dawn of Dreams PSP: Parappa the Rapper, Street Fighter 3 Alpha, Guity Gear Judgment 360: Condemned, ...


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