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7:26 PM on 11.20.2008

Why I love Destructoid. Reason #90872

There are moments in life, where one it is a good time to be a gamer. Now is not the time, due to the economy and all these amazing games crammed into the holiday season. But it is a good time for me, as I just received a PSP with 2 games thanks to a contest Destructoid held a while back in September. The prize came late due to some shipping errors, but thanks to Niero, he was able to contact the company and work everything else for a scheduled reshipping.

Here are some crappy pictures taken with my Blackberry Curve and resized for appropriate fitting:

Right now I have no memory card but will go out and buy one as well as a screen protector soon enough. Any Destructoid themes laying around here?

Thank you for your time.

Disclaimer: Digital Camera was given away to a family relative while we go buy a new one on Black Friday, Hopefully.   read

12:51 PM on 10.04.2008

Erase The DragonBall Movie Trailer With This

Seen the Horrible DragonBall Movie Trailer yet?

Well don't, it's really bad. And to make matters worse, I think I've heard about a DragonBall: The Movie: The Game. Like what the fuck is that shit.

But there is still hope, as there will be a new Anime short, 35 minute film based off DragonBall (Z). Yes more DBZ! But get this, it will be based off Vegeta's brother (wut?), who magically survived when Planet Vegeta was destroyed along with Vegeta's whole family. But hey, it can't be worse than that shitty movie that won't be spoken about ever again.

Ohai, I'm Vegeta's Bro. Now die.

Good news is, Akira Toriyama, creator of DB and DBZ (and not the horrid DBGT), is making this happen.

Taken from Japanator   read

9:42 PM on 09.30.2008

The Iron Man Elitist Just Shot Himself. [NVGR]

Ladies and worms, I present to you, 8 Variations of the Iron Man DVD, each with its own exclusive. Here is the article with added pictures..

"On September 30th, Paramount Home Entertainment will release the critically acclaimed box office smash IRON MAN: 2-DISC ULTIMATE EDITION on DVD and Blu-ray!

With this release comes EIGHT fantastic retail exclusives! Below, you will find details and article work on these eight exciting, exclusive offers!

Here are the details for these Eight Exciting Retail Exclusives:

**Circuit City - Access to exclusive Marvel Digital Comics featuring the artwork of Adi Granov.

**Best Buy - Custom Lithograph created by Marvel artist Gerald Parel.

**Target - Target Deluxe Edition includes exclusive Mark III mask packaging. Available on both the Ultimate 2-Disc Edition and 2-Disc Blu-ray.

**Costco - Giftset includes the Ultimate 2 Disc Edition DVD and 3 Iron Man Bobbleheads, with all 3 Iron Man suits from the film. Giftset includes the "Battle Damaged Mark II", available exclusively in this giftset at Costco.

**Walmart - Two exclusive SKUs. Ultimate 2 Disc Edition packed with an exclusive comic book chronicling the Nick Fury story. The single disc giftset is packed with the 1st episode of the new Iron Man animated series.

**Kmart & Sears - Save $5 on the Ultimate 2 Disc edition with any $25 Craftsman purchase.


**Trans World - FYE and Suncoast Exclusive Steelbook Package available on the Ultimate 2- disc Edition.

**Borders - On pack collectible book featuring original sketches by Bob Layton and the top 24 comic cover of Iron Man.



And to make this video-game related..

This brings on the issue of how much is too much? Same issue can be applied with Video Games in general. How many SKU's should be allowed throughout a console's life time, this does not include redesigns as they do not hinder any performances or have one advantage over the other.

Also, Limited/Collector's Edition are expanding in size and price. First it started with Halo 3 with it's Legendary edition but now that's been over taken by Gears of War 2 Collector's edition priced at $140. And I believe Mirror's Edge and Dead Space have some of their own priced at $130 and $150 respectively.

While more options and goodies are always a plus, don't you think it's getting out of hand?


So which Iron Man are YOU getting?   read

8:16 PM on 09.20.2008

Game Of The Year.

This is the game I like to dedicate to Hamza, Reaprar, Mr. Sadistic, and Heretic. It shows my feelings towards them in a very professional manner, and it shows them I really care for the their well-being.





6:23 PM on 09.12.2008

Today is the most important day of the year. And alongside, it brings the most important question of the year as well.

Long Title is Long.

Now that, that is out of the way, I'd like to announce that today is my birthday, I know 99-100% of you don't care, but I'd like to state it anyways. :]

If you guys have any funny pics to share, it'll be a great e-present because today is such a gloomy day, but I'm not asking you, just suggesting ;]

But anyways, I'd like to ask.. What should I get? xD

PS: I don't do big spam-happy post because I hate fun, and I'm tired from a LONG DAY. :P   read

3:12 PM on 08.12.2008

Team Fortress 2 Heavy Update Out Next Tuesday

Here's the Breakdown.

There will be 5 New maps.
There will be a new Payload Gametype that has a map joining with it.
The heavy update will be next.
Meet the team video.
Heavy Achievements.
New Game Modes

Steams says, "the largest update to Team Fortress 2 since it was first released," and "make the Heavy more viable when he has no Medic to pair with.".

Steam via Kotaku

Team Fortress Tuesdays just got oh so much better.

This was part of my reason in my Valve Instant Replay post. DO YOU NOT SEE HOW FUCKING AWESOME VALVE IS?!?!   read

4:30 PM on 08.08.2008

Ron Workman, Niero, and Collete Manscape; Chad Doesn't [NVGR/LOL]

Oh god, please watch this video.

The video is based off GayGamer's E3 coverage. And most of it involves gaming, but this video is an interview of other Game Related Site Journalist, and their asked if they "Manscape". According to kotaku/gaygamer, Manscaping is..

"Manscaping is what a man does to maintain his appearance, generally referring to certain places that shall remain nameless.

Now, Do You Manscape? I wholeheartedly do :D   read

3:57 PM on 07.17.2008

(NVGR) Watchmen Trailer. OMFG YES!

2:09 PM on 07.07.2008

Decisions Decisions. HELP ME OUT DTOID!

Hmm so I have come to a humble problem. There seems to be an issue among gaming related items. I want to buy all 3 but unfortunately can pick one.

Should I buy either skate. or halo 3? Both the same price, around $30 used. I had both games for a while and enjoyed both, but being a skater, im a little more biased toward skate. Or is skate 2. coming out anytime soon, as in September?

Or forget all of that and buy my 7th pc headset, as I tend to break them all x.x

I recently got into CSS and anything valve-related again, school's over (duh!).

So any suggestions?

Btw since it's bungie day, they have a new map, but problem is I don't know too many people that play halo 3 :x   read

6:46 PM on 06.26.2008

You Has Fighting in My Castlevania Wii

Well it appears according to go nintendo, there seems to be a castlevania fighting game for the wii on its way.

[b]"Characters confirmed thus far - Dracula, Simon, Alucard, Shanoa, and Maria Renard.

Classic subweapons - holy water, magic spells, dagger, boomerang

Subweapon use still depends on hearts

Remixed classic Castlevania tunes

Set traps, destroyable environments, enemy monsters interfere with battle

Nunchuck controls character movement, Wiimote used for motion attacks"[/b]

So who has a fail related picture for me?

EDIT: I realized that covah has a blog about it. But I included additional information :]   read

12:15 PM on 01.06.2008

Circuit City $8.99 sale.

Article Taken Partially by Kotaku.

PS3: Icon, NBA Street Homecourt, College Hoops 2007
PS2: Godhand, Lumines Plus, Onimusha Dawn of Dreams
PSP: Parappa the Rapper, Street Fighter 3 Alpha, Guity Gear Judgment
360: Condemned, Quake 4, Project Sylpheed, Meet The Robinsons,
Xbox: Jade Empire LE, Grand Theft Auto Double Pack
Wii: Avatar: The Last Airbender
GC: Hulk Ultimate Destruction
DS: Elite Beat Agents, Mario & Luigi Partners in Time, Children of Mana, Phoenix Wright 1
GBA: Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy V, Wario Twisted

Also an additional 30 titles for $16, no games listed though :x

Kotaku Via CheapassGamer   read

4:22 PM on 01.05.2008

Japanator Posts Official Bug Fights, Place Your Bets.

It's basically Caged Bugs (insects) dueling it out. I found it pretty cool but I'm weird.

Check it outz

From God Len himself..

[b]"Japanese Bug Fights is definitely not a show that you can find anywhere on American Television; in fact, I donít think you can find this on Japanese televisions either. Good thing we have the internet, where illegal bug fighting is as prevalent as finding pirated goods from the S.S. Entertainment Industry, which sank many years ago.

Itís time Weekend Japanatainment to experience the always-welcomed tournament arc. The top tear fighters this time around are the giant hornet, the tarantula, the Hercules beetle, and the camel spider. Watch the Crayfish, against all odds, fight it out with the terrifying scorpion, or the giant hornetís no-holds-barred battle with the centipede.

Do not feel guilty while watching these insects battle it out for our entertainment. Remember Starship Troopers? It can happen again."[/b]

I usually don't do this type of stuff (post non-gaming related stuff) but I found it funny. Please forgive me All Mighty Gods of Destructoid!   read

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