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horseflesh avatar 10:36 AM on 06.26.2012  (server time)
Save Max Scoville!

As members of Destructoid, you probably know who Max Scoville is. If not, you should know that Max Scoville is one of the Hosts on The Destructoid Show, an intelligent upbeat commentator and face for Destructoid.

Heís a young man with what should be a bright future. However Max Scoville faces an incredible challenge, an enormous hurdle. Max Scoville has a brain slug on his head, and without outside intervention, it will control him forever. Itís become clear to me that the Brain slug hid itself in his hair gel, and now that itís taken hold, is going to be hard to get rid of.

When you see him on The Destructoid Show you most likely see the excess moisture in his hair, The misplaced hair, often sticking straight up the brain slug having displaced his hair, and itís wet skin creating that moist look. This makes it clear that something is attached to his head, and the moisture screams brain slug.

The only real way to get rid of the brain slug, is to dry itís skin, and it seems most probable to me that itís been using hair gel to keep itís skin moist. So this is what we need to do: If you know Max, steal his hair gel, take it away from him, and make it inaccessible to him. If you donít know him personally, you should support through vocalization the need for this to go on and pass it along (six degrees of separation you know), and if you do know someone who knows Max Scoville, prompt them to steal his hair gel.

Max will almost certainly balk at this, the brain slug will be demanding, angry, and given no other option pleading in an effort to get the hair gel back. The Brain Slug will be trying to defend itsí life, and will possibly become desperate. Remember that Max is under the control of the Brain Slug and that he needs it removed quickly and non-violently. Please help, Max is a bright young man with a bright futureÖIf we can just get the brain slug removed from his head.

Remember, the best way to address an issue is to Do something about it, and if you're not in a position to do something, SAY something. Please help save Max Scoville.

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