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9:44 AM on 08.14.2011

Developer Claims Unlimited Detail In Video Games (Video)

Polygon count could be a thing of the past. Is this just too good to be true? Would it actually bring production costs down?   read

7:16 PM on 08.13.2011

Mr Destructoid in Zelda LTTP!

This totally changes everything I thought I knew about the Zelda time line.   read

1:00 AM on 01.04.2009

I Hugged Sonic....

...and it was No Good!

First I said no then I got outta there! Now I got to tell someone I trust :(   read

11:21 PM on 12.27.2008

fail... WatchMojo Top 10 Video Games (Of all Time)

Anyone remember Mario 3D or how about using finishing moves with gore in Street fighter? Did you know real architects used the Sims to build houses and set up houses? Did you know that Warcraft sold over... ffff... who knows how many copies?

This isn't a terrible list but the guy doing the list isn't the most knowledgeable person to be talking about video games. Good for a laugh at the very least.

Top 10 Video Games of All Time - #10 - #7
Top 10 Video Games of All Time - # 6 - #4
Top 10 Video Games of All Time - #3 - #1
[embed]116129:16662[/embed]   read

1:13 PM on 12.19.2008

Club Nintendo Wii Error Code 206401

If you are a big Nintendo fan and own a few Nintendo games like I do it's exciting to hear that Club Nintendo is finally available in North America. Even more exciting is the release of Game and Watch Collection through club Nintendo for 800 points.

While entering all my pin numbers i realized I would not have enough to get the Game and Watch Collection on Club Nintendo... or would I? Looking through the game values it seems that each Wii Ware, VC Game or channel gives you 10 points. This would easily give me enough to get G&W Collection.

Here are the coin values for Club Nintendo:
Wii Fit 80
Wii Games 50
DS Games 30
VC Game, WiiWare Game, Wii Channel 10
Intend to Buy 10
Early Registration 10
Post-Play Survey 10

So I decided to register my VC game through Club Nintendo through the shop channel on my Wii. Entering my user name and password exactly as on the Club Nintendo website. After about 20 seconds I received error code 206401 which appears if you put down the wrong user name or password.

I checked the FAQ on Nintendo's website as well as searched Google for all possible solutions. The solutions I found were; the letters are case sensitive, make sure your password has all numbers and letters with no other symbols and just keep trying until it goes through.

Nothing seemed to work so I decided to call Nintendo customer assistance to find out what was up. After a relatively short two minute wait my call was answered by a very tired sounding woman. I went through what I was trying to do and explained I was trying to register my WiiWare, VC, and channels through Club Nintendo on the shop channel and on entering my user name and password I received error code 206401. I further explained that through the internet on my computer I was able to log on to club Nintendo with my user name and password to access my account. I explained the problem wasn't through the Club Nintendo log in screen but through the Wii Shop Channel Club Nintendo log in screen.

After a few minutes of her searching for information. She proceeded to help me log into my club Nintendo account through my computer. After I logged in successfully she told me to feel free to call again if I had any more problems... I then again explained what the actual problem was and how her logging me in to my Club Nintendo account on my computer solved nothing as I could already do that. I told her that My VC and WiiWare games could not be registered through and could only be done through Club Nintendo through my Shop Channel. She then told me she was not aware of club Nintendo through the Wii shop channel.

I decided that just for the adventure of it all I would run her through the process from the main Wii Menu (role reversal). On the Club Nintendo screen I read her the entire description, which seemed to annoy her a bit, and proceeded to log in. Once again I got the error code 206401. She asked me to go back using capital letters in my user name and once again I got the code.

She then asked if she could put me on hold. I was sure it was going to take some time as I was sure she had no idea what was going on by this point but after about a minute. she was back on. She then told me " We are currently having technical difficulties with Club Nintendo on our end. Wait a couple days and try again." She then asked if I had registered my Nintendo Wii through the website. I told her I had and she let me know this was one of the technical difficulties they were trying to work out. We said goodbye to each other (I always have trouble with goodbyes) and I shut off my Wii and held my palm up to my face.

I wasted my time on a question I already know the answer too and to make matters worse I was going to waste even more time on the internet blogging about it. Also if anyone read this there time is wasted too. Sorry....

GAME OVER   read

1:37 AM on 12.16.2008

brentalfloss Writes Your Song ...and also Loves You

The talented YouTube guy that ads lyrics to popular video game themes such as Mega Man 2 WITH LYRICS, Louie Armstrong sings "Super Mario World" and most recently Tetris WITH LYRICS Is now putting up his services on ebay to the highest bidder.

In order to pay his rent ($900) during the holidays brentalfloss decided to make his services available. He will work with you to write an original song about any subject you want with the option of having it featured in a brentalfloss video.


Personally I hope the song created is video game related but it could be about anything. It would be great to hear lyrics for great classic Bubble Bobble, Duck Tales or Bionic Commando. Maybe you want to have your dislike of a certain video game franchise to be put into song? Or maybe you want your favorite underdog video franchise to receive more recognition? The sky's the limit!

Currently the highest bid is US $122.50 which doesn't seem like a lot especially considering his video game related songs have been plastered all over the internet.

Here is the link to his ebay auction:   read

8:53 PM on 11.04.2008

Street Fighter IV New Pics Gen, Cammy, Dan, Sakura, Fei Long and Gouken

More pictures found at:


2:41 PM on 10.25.2008

Wii Storage Solution: Deleting Stuff.....

I finally decided to get Tetris party (which is the greatest version of Tetris BTW) and to do so I had to make room on my Wii. As most people know the Wii only has 512 MB of Internal flash memory which is alright if your only downloading relatively small NES games. Since Wii Ware has launched the Storage has been a HUGE issue.

I have been forced to move SNES Donkey Kong Country games, Kirby 64, Wave Race, Mario 64 and even Sin and Punishment :( Lately though I have gotten tired of moving stuff back and fourth and have begun to delete some of the fun things.

I deleted the "Metroid Channel" and the not really that useful "Mario Kart Channel" as the were pretty much pointless already. Most recently I decided to say goodbye to the "Everybody Votes Channel". That will give me enough space for now. Next up for consideration for deletion is the "Check Mii Out" channel.

I liked being able to vote on arbitrary things in the "Everybody Votes Channel" and find out what the rest of the world thinks but I much rather be blowing stuff up in Bomberman, making towers in Word of Goo or clearing out towers in Tetris. The "Check Mii Out" out channel is a lot of fun too but since I am a hardcore gamer I will have to say goodbye to that channel soon too.

By not offering a real storage solution Nintendo is only hurting it's most loyal fan base. I know there new core demographic probably won't fill up the channels or memory but their hardcore fan base (the ones that download the most stuff) has a long time ago or will fill it up soon. For being a loyal fan I am being prevented from enjoying some of the things that make the Wii so great. I feel like I'm being punished for spending money on Nintendo games.

Before I bought the Wii; I knew the storage was going to be a problem. I fully expected that Nintendo would offer some sort of storage solution within the first year. When That didn't happen I figured they would put it off until bigger games started to become available for download. When the first Neo Geo game came out I was very surprised there was no solution. When Wii Ware Launched without a storage solution I was mortified.

I could easily download the "Homebrew Channel" and play thousands of games off an SD card but as a dedicated Nintendo fan I choose not to. I want accurate emulation and play the games like they were meant to be played and Nintendo virtual console games rarely disappoint but there lack of storage and inattentiveness to the problem sucks.

What this means to me is this; I will no longer be downloading anything I can find in used video game stores and for the next Nintendo system flaws (such as storage space) will greatly impact my decision to buy at launch.   read

5:01 PM on 10.19.2008

Mega Man 5 a lost Mega Man Game? Uranus Man

Mega Man 5 for the Gameboy was a great portable Mega Man game. It was slow and blurry like the other Mega Man games but had a totally original story weapons and bosses. The only meg man game to feature level bosses without "Man" following their names. Instead you fight the robot masters for each planet in our solar system. This game has a few cool items like the grab hand quarter energy tanks and p chips to be exchanged for items in Dr Lights shop. This is the first mega man game with the ability to buy items.

With the retro craze in full swing with the release of Mega Man 9 it seems like a shame this game is forgotten. It's nice to play through the Mega Man games on various collections but this should be included in your nostalgic trip.

For a GB game it was great it had Gameboy Color and Super Gameboy features. Altough this game seems weak compared to other mega man titles It would still be nice to see this game in a remake with faster game play and more open levels.


2:59 PM on 10.06.2008

Bird is the Word Man 8 Bit Animated

An 8 Bit Style Animated Gif of Peter Griffin Surfin' Bird


12:24 AM on 10.06.2008

Bird is the Word Man (Mega Man Maker)

A few characters I made on Mega Man Maker. I may have cheated a little with Photoshop ;)

Scroll Down For the Mega Man Maker to try yourself or see the original Destructoid thread here:

[embed]106465:14992[/embed]   read

3:16 AM on 11.22.2007

Saki Amamiya (Sin & Punishment) in Smash Bros Brawl

From the N64 game that was just released for the first time in North America on Nintendo VC recently.

Due to popular demand He appears in Smash Bros Brawl as an assist trophy! How awesome is that?

Nintendo Smash Bros Dojo!!, Assist Trophies, Saki Amamiya   read

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