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hippiepieces's blog

9:44 AM on 08.14.2011

Developer Claims Unlimited Detail In Video Games (Video) Polygon count could be a thing of the past. Is this just too good to be true? Would it actually bring production costs down?   read

7:16 PM on 08.13.2011

Mr Destructoid in Zelda LTTP!

This totally changes everything I thought I knew about the Zelda time line.   read

1:00 AM on 01.04.2009

I Hugged Sonic....

...and it was No Good! First I said no then I got outta there! Now I got to tell someone I trust :(   read

11:21 PM on 12.27.2008

fail... WatchMojo Top 10 Video Games (Of all Time)

Anyone remember Mario 3D or how about using finishing moves with gore in Street fighter? Did you know real architects used the Sims to build houses and set up houses? Did you know that Warcraft sold over... ffff... who knows ...   read

1:13 PM on 12.19.2008

Club Nintendo Wii Error Code 206401

If you are a big Nintendo fan and own a few Nintendo games like I do it's exciting to hear that Club Nintendo is finally available in North America. Even more exciting is the release of Game and Watch Collection through club ...   read

1:37 AM on 12.16.2008

brentalfloss Writes Your Song ...and also Loves You

The talented YouTube guy that ads lyrics to popular video game themes such as Mega Man 2 WITH LYRICS, Louie Armstrong sings "Super Mario World" and most recently Tetris WITH LYRICS Is now putting up his services on ebay to th...   read

8:53 PM on 11.04.2008

Street Fighter IV New Pics Gen, Cammy, Dan, Sakura, Fei Long and Gouken

More pictures found at:   read

2:41 PM on 10.25.2008

Wii Storage Solution: Deleting Stuff.....

I finally decided to get Tetris party (which is the greatest version of Tetris BTW) and to do so I had to make room on my Wii. As most people know the Wii only has 512 MB of Internal flash memory which is alright if your on...   read

5:01 PM on 10.19.2008

Mega Man 5 a lost Mega Man Game? Uranus Man

Mega Man 5 for the Gameboy was a great portable Mega Man game. It was slow and blurry like the other Mega Man games but had a totally original story weapons and bosses. The only meg man game to feature level bosses without "M...   read

2:59 PM on 10.06.2008

Bird is the Word Man 8 Bit Animated

An 8 Bit Style Animated Gif of Peter Griffin Surfin' Bird   read

12:24 AM on 10.06.2008

Bird is the Word Man (Mega Man Maker)

A few characters I made on Mega Man Maker. I may have cheated a little with Photoshop ;) Scroll Down For the Mega Man Maker to try yourself or see the original Destructoid thread here: MEGA MAN MAKER   read

3:16 AM on 11.22.2007

Saki Amamiya (Sin & Punishment) in Smash Bros Brawl

From the N64 game that was just released for the first time in North America on Nintendo VC recently. Due to popular demand He appears in Smash Bros Brawl as an assist trophy! How awesome is that? Nintendo Smash Bros Dojo!!, Assist Trophies, Saki Amamiya   read

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