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11:18 AM on 08.25.2008

BC:Rearmed the soundtrack, and other listen-worthy BGM.

Seriously... Go listen to it, it kicks ass.

I'm listening to it right now, 'intruder alert', and 'power plant' are incredibly good, and really put you in the mood to blow up some Hitler head.

Good games are always good, but good games with amazing background music really put me on, so ill make a little list(in no specific order) for you guys, of what i think are some of the best game soundtracks, and BMG.

Cave story

The whole game(including music) created by a one-man team. Tell me you don't remember the music from the cut-scenes whit Kazuma in the beginning, or the music from mimiga village.
What? You haven't played the game you say? Shame on you!
With a PSP port and a DS port on the way, there is no excuse for you not to have enjoyed this, specially at the low low price of $0.00.

You can grab a ZIP file with all of the music in it here, and as for the game itself, browse around for what version you want.

Megaman series

In the year 200X, BGM was fucking awesome.



And just for chits and giggles...

I had this fucking thing stuck in my head for days.

Halo series

Taking a break from the 8-bit, here is halo.
The music from these games is incredibly orchestrated and really helps set the mood for the "save the world from aliens" story. It really makes it feel like an epic, Listening to the beautiful piano score (in between homosexual remarks from brutes if you have IWHBYD on), while taking out a couple of scarabs is really something.


Killer Instinct

Recognize? You better.
My first ever home console, all the way back in 1995.
I still cant believe my parents got me killer instincts while i was in first grade. This and MK got me into gaming back in the day and are some of my first memories along with TMNT, and biker mice from mars... Anybody remember them?
I use to put the CD on and get the creeps when the Sabrewulf music started playing, i swear i was a freaking massochist. I would listen to it everyday and run scared to my mom, until one day she threw the CD away.
I still let out a chuckle when someone reminds me of KI, and i remember the day i ran into the neighbors house shirtless, so i could find my mom.

And now for a NVGR bonus round:
Cowboy Bebop

...or ShinichirĊ Watanabe...or Yoko Kanno.... or The Seatbelts....

How perfect and diverse can the musical score be in this anime, that all the songs are by one group, yet expand through so many genres, and excel in them. This isn't Watanabe's only work to be so centered in the music, but hot damn, is it perfect! The series would not be half what it is if it werent for the mood set by the music? This shows specially in the last two episodes and when (spoiler)Ed leaves(/spoiler).


I'm sure this has stirred up some memories for many of you, so if you want to leave it in the comments section, that would be awesome.   read

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