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12:03 PM on 03.11.2010

Tiny & Big - Up that Mountain! Play the demo now!

Oooouh yeah, it's finally out of the oven! The beta version of our demo can now be downloaded at!

If you were intrigued by the lowres video I posted last time, you can now see, hear and smell it in full resolution and surround sound (I guess).

It was both a lot of work and a fucking blast to make. We are not done with it of course, and you already knew that because it says 'beta' up there in the first paragraph. The plan is to release the final game in episodic form, with the first episode being released somewhere around August this year. Until then, we hope to get a bit of the good ol' internet attention, and blogging makes this happen, right?

So please download and tell your friends, feedback is very much appreciated! Share your opinion here or over at our site, or by mailing [email protected]!

(And you can actually kick that stupid little fat guy around if you catch him! I've seen somebody do it!)   read

1:55 PM on 02.24.2010

Tiny & Big preview footage

The demo is nearing completion, and we have finally managed to upload a video.

It shows the main character, Tiny, waltzing through the demo level while breaking stuff. The physics-based gameplay mechanics are cutting, dragging and shoving. Which is basically everything you need to make your way through a crowded hardware store. Incidentally, Tiny is nowhere near a hardware store in this part of the story, but he needs to get back his favorite pair of white, fine rib underpants (not shown in footage). They were taken by the evil Big (also not shown in footage), and to catch him, Tiny has to reach the end of the level. There are of course puzzles inbetween, and that's what makes it a game!


We're currently ironing out bugs and polishing the demo, which will be out next month for Windows, Mac and Linux!   read

10:37 AM on 02.14.2010

Tiny & Big screenshots

Did someone say "world premiere"? Here are the first ever official screens from Tiny & Big, the game I have been babbling about in my last post.

I know, it's not exactly last year anymore, and our demo is still not ready. We've been working terribly hard over the last few months, but unfortunately not only on the demo, as we all have day jobs, too.

Man, I wish you could all play this game right now, it shaped up to look really cool, and the gameplay is almost where we want it. Give us a few more weeks time, and this lil' bugger will be in your hands.

We plan to finish the demo this February, and put it out on Windows, Mac and Linux by March.

About the game itself, as you can see, it's going to be a platformer. It will feature a few pretty original gameplay mechanics, about which I will write more when the demo is done. The world is completely driven by a physics engine, there are no scripted animations at all. The cartoon look is pretty sophisticated, if I may say so myself, and features dynamically hatched lighting and shadows. I hope I can upload a little video of this in the next few days, as it really looks much better in motion.

So I really hope that those of you who took notice of Tiny & Big will watch out for the demo when it hits.
See you then!   read

7:41 AM on 12.04.2009

Teasing you a bit

Hey Destructoid!
May we shamelessly abuse your c-blog feature to promote our work-in-progress indie game?

Chew on this teaser artwork while we keep crunching on the demo. It should be ready til the end of the year. Until then, we'd gladfully welcome feedback on the artwork design!

Thx a bunch - your peeps at fabs[4D].   read

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