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So Argentine comapdre of mine, Lionel Messi, was announced as the cover athlete for Pro Evolution Soccer 2009. Now most people will think that is because of his amazing football prowess, however they are wrong. Its all about how good he is with the ladies.

Don't believe me? Look at the video, women basically RAIN on Messi


11:27 PM on 04.29.2008

So how is everyone enjoying GTA IV? I'm playing it with a hard on all the time to say the least.

I've played for 4 hours and completed 11.67%, so I'm psyched to finish the rest. and I must say the online is quite as deep as it is.

So, Dtoid, how far have you gotten on this 1st day (presumably) of GTA IV?

So this is my 1st Blog, it is a however, a sad one.

Just suffered the dreaded Red Rings of Death, and will probably not have my console until June, meaning that I will have to wait for GTA IV.

I just wanted to open a Blog, and I found this to be a suitable topic. I am going to try the various "fixes" for it, but I don't know how long they will work (any other help is appreciated). The customer service at Xbox was pretty good, but I mean, a whole month? and they said that here in Canada I will probably be getting a refurbished product, so a whole month for something that already croacked once? I'm not too sure about that...

Thanks for reading, and thanks for being an awesome community :D