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9:51 PM on 11.30.2011

Video game consoles ARE already dead!!!

Wait wait wait! Let me explain!

I want to talk about something similar just for a moment.

Hardcore gamer here. Ga dur dur.

People like to use the terms "hardcore" and "casual" as if there is only two predetermined types of games that appeal to one of two types of video gamers. For example. Demons Soul is a "hardcore" game, and Kirby's Epic Yarn is a "casual" game.
It's natural for humans to do that, it's in our nature, since we, as animals, try to understand the world by somewhat "sorting" experiences and outside things into various emotions or definitions. It makes the world seem not like the big chaotic mess that it really is and clams us down inside. We all do it.

But obviously, some things just can't be defined like that, or their definition changes over time. That it evolves like us humans.

So after knowing this, we then looking at games that can't be put into either piles, like World of Warcraft or certain Mario games, they appeal to both "casual" and "hardcore".
The same goes for terms like "kiddie" and "mature" games. Terms that showed up after people began to realize that you can't use "casual" and "hardcore" for every game, but the same issue applies.
Or even what constitutes as an RPG or MMO.
Facebook for example, is by definition and MMO and games like Mario are by definition an RPG.
Facebook, is massively multiplayer and online, even if it isn't a game and in Mario you are not playing yourself, which mean you are PLAYING a ROLE of someone else in a GAME.

I'm sure many of you can see where I'm going with this.
Definitions of words and terms.
Humanity depends on definitions of things and sorting them into categories. It's what we do, and some people are stubborn mentally when it comes to changing these things whether they can change it by choice or not. Or in fact, forget what the definition even means.

Another word I can think of that many people forgot the definition of.
Oh shit! He just got all political up in here!

So I poorly lead to video game consoles and how I think they are already dead.

But, but, it's not a game system because, because, derp da dur!

Video game consoles are not dead in the sense that companies like Rovio or people like Richard Garriott like to think of them as. I think the term itself it dead, and started to die back with the Playstation One, which Nintendo, like always, holding out at that time with the term.

I say it's dead because let's look at what, by definition, what a video game console is.
It's a console that plays video games. Simple enough, but the definition implies that playing video games is all it does.
Yeah we all remember this.
As the link shows, Playstation One played music CDs. Does that make it still a video game console? Technically no. It still plays video games, but it does more than just that. You could say it's a.

The Nintendo 64, yes, was a video game console. So was the Gamecube.
The PS2 played DVDs AND Music CDs. The GBA and DS did have the ability to play videos on cartridges, which I'm sure no one bought, but still.

Now we're at present time where the PS3, PSP/Vita, Xbox 360 and even the Wii and 3DS can do more than just play video games. They can stream Netflix and videos, play music, download videos and music, pictures, browse the Internet, take pictures, record video and so much more.

What else does stuff like this? Well personal computers like a Mac or PCs, Laptops and Netbooks, web enabled TVs, Tablets, smartphones and even MP3 players.

So how is it, that some people still cling to the idea that video game consoles are video game consoles when they stopped being that over a decade ago?
How is it that people refuse to say the Iphone/Ipod Touch is a video game system (which it's not), stating that it's just a multimedia device that can play video games, but by all definition, all "video game consoles" are exactly what the Iphone/Ipod Touch is.

I'll tell you why. Cause we're human and we're idiots.

This = Truth

I'm well aware that there's a, pretty sad, defense that the system like PS3 and 360 are video game consoles because that's their focus as a system, where as the Iphone and Ipod focus even across all things or on music and videos more.
It doesn't matter, they still aren't video game consoles. They are the exact same as the Iphone. These systems now fall into a category that some people don't want to admit they have, since that would somehow implode the universe or crash the video game industry or something.

Video game consoles are dead. The term itself is dead and no longer exists in the way some people want it to. the only place it does exist is with those cheap children's toys at stores that only play games. Defend That!

Saying all this will means nothing in the end of course. People will still cling to words and definitions like they cling other things that are clearly wrong. Like organized religion.
It's in our nature to do so.
I myself am still putting the PS3 and so on into categories and terms, it's unavoidable.
I'm just trying to clear it up, that video game consoles are, in fact, dead. At least in regards to how most people use the term.

Now maybe we can go back to gaming and focus on what we SHOULD be focusing on. Whether the games suck cause they're made by EA or Activision, or how it sucks cause a minor detail was changes, like an eye colour.

Why am I doing this?
Cause I'm really bored right now.   read

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